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Simplify inventory & order operations for your growing business

Inventory and Order Management + Mobile Catalog & Sales App + B2B e-Commerce Portal

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We are helping thousands of business owners and warehouse managers in 84 countries save time and increase revenue with TradeGecko - a comprehensive backend system for both small businesses and global wholesalers.

Our users are now able to balance their passion and creativity with business and operations, getting the best of both worlds. With TradeGecko, you too can improve productivity, streamline processes, and stay engaged with your business.

  • Empower your team with a complete set of intuitive tools for inventory control, order management, order fulfillment and accounting
  • Gain visibility and full control over your operations
  • Experience easy collaboration and flexibility on our cloud-based software
  • Maximize productivity and revenue while minimizing errors and costs
  • We work perfectly on both Mac and Windows operating systems

A system that caters for growth

Scale your business without scaling admin time

Focus on your passion. Let us streamline your operations so you can keep doing what you love.

TradeGecko acts as the central platform for all your inventory, sales channels, order fulfillment, and accounting. When everything is in perfect sync, you'll save a tremendous amount of time.

  • Update stock levels automatically when sales are made
  • Increase stock turnover with intelligent reporting
  • Handle and fulfill orders in greater volume at lower cost
  • Sync accounting records with stock activities
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Add-ons and apps

Sales channels synced with inventory levels

Easily diversify the sales channels you operate on. If you sell through e-Commerce platforms, marketplaces, wholesale or consignment - we have you covered! 

TradeGecko syncs your product data and stock levels with any sales channels you want. Be sure you'll never experience stock outs again. And as for inventory management, the only thing you'll have to do is create purchase orders when your stocks start running low.

Sales channels synced with inventory levels
ecommerce inventory management
B2C e-Commerce integrations
  • Skyrocket your revenue by selling across multiple sales channels and locations
  • Easily manage stock levels to prevent overselling or understocking
  • Auto sync your product data between sales orders
  • Eliminate manual work and double handling errors
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Private B2B e-Commerce portal
  • Customize your very own web store and create personalized buying experiences for your customers
  • Give your B2B customers the power to track order shipment and status
  • Keep order histories accessible for both you and your customers
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Mobile Sales App
  • Designed for your sales team to sell on the go
  • Showcase a beautiful mobile product catalog at tradeshows and meetings
  • Native application that is not dependent on internet connection
  • Carry all your TradeGecko inventory, sales and customer data in your pocket
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Accounting Integration

Accounting synced with inventory and sales

You can now control and manage both your inventory and accounting in the same platform and in real time. Automatically link invoices with sales orders and purchase orders, removing double entries and human errors.  

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TradeGecko Relationship Management

Relationship management

All of your relationships, in the same place

We understand the important role your contacts play in your business eco-system, which is why our Customer Relationship Management module allows you to set up, manage, and contact your customers and suppliers with ease and flexibility.

  • Track and manage all of your relationships in one central database
  • Organize contacts into Suppliers, B2B and B2C customers
  • Create customer notes and search historical orders
  • Easily email quotes, orders, invoices and shipment info
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Reporting and Business Intelligence

Want to have full inventory control and access to great business intelligence insights to make better decisions?

Our customers trust TradeGecko to manage stocks worth a total of


Only what gets measured gets managed. Generate custom sales and inventory reports and view accurate data all the time so you can have the right amount of stock at the right place, at the right time. 

Run your business the easier and smarter way with TradeGecko inventory management software because it allows you to:

  • Spot top performing sales channels, locations, products and sales reps
  • Know how much stock you have on hand, committed and incoming
  • Never run out of inventory
  • Slice and dice - create custom reports and break down information in useful ways
Support and Community

Support and Community

Our support team is always here to help so you’ll never work alone

We're here to help you with everything you need to know to grow your business. When you join TradeGecko, you become part of the TradeGecko community.

  • Passionate Customer Success Manager assigned to help you get started
  • Steadfast Support and Success Teams to ensure your ongoing success
  • Access to inventory and supply chain management resources from industry experts
  • Professional partners located the world over
  • With our open developer API you can customize the system to suit your needs
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proven track record

Proven Track Record

Increase sales by managing e-Commerce or wholesale orders with ease

TradeGecko has assisted merchants to sell and purchase goods worth more than

  • purchases US$716,636,686
  • sales US$1,207,031,992

Let TradeGecko unify the information currently stored over multiple spreadsheets, phone, notes and emails. Empower your team with a professional and world-class inventory management software that connects to all your sales channels, shipping systems and accounting platforms.

TradeGecko is used by customers all over the world

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