10 Questions with Gabi Perry, VP of Customer Success

BY Kenneth Chew 1 Oct, "14


It’s been a wonderful journey for TradeGecko so far, as we’ve been blessed with tremendous growth not just as a platform, but as a company. And as the company grows, our team has too – in order to ensure we can continue to provide not just the best platform available out there, but also to always remain the user-first company our users have grown to know and love.

Today, we’re kicking off a new series of interviews with the team behind TradeGecko – and first up we have our newest Gecko, Gabi Perry, VP of Customer Success.

So, who exactly is Gabi?

I’m originally from Israel, but I’ve been loving life here in Singapore for nearly two years now. I first came to Singapore for my MBA at INSEAD, after which I joined an early-stage startup in the digital space where I handled several different roles. And now, I'm delighted to have joined the team at TradeGecko, leading up Customer Success.

How did you end up with us here at TradeGecko?

Well, I was looking to work in a young startup with a significant adoption to the product, and I jumped at the opportunity when I chanced upon the job on StartUpAsia. I’ve heard a lot about TradeGecko’s growth and success, and after exploring the possibilities through some informal connections, came in for interviews, and the rest as they say... is history.

You're Israeli, but Perry is an Anglo-Saxon name - tell us about your heritage.

Perry is actually a Hebrew version of a Jewish-Russian surname, and yes… I’m actually mixed. Israeli-Hungarian in fact, Eastern European in terms of heritage!

Coffee or tea?

Coffee – black coffee. Americano, no milk. And… I’m an aspiring vegan.

Favourite musician/playlist?

That would be Neil Young. Why? I just like the nostalgia, and of how it brings back the good memories of the past. In a way, it harks back to the days of 20-30 years back, when things were... different from the hectic way of life we have today.

Favourite sport?

Swimming. It’s not an impact sport, but it’s one which infinitely clears your mind. That time alone in the pool, it’s just between you and your thoughts – you cannot be distracted.

What was the last book you read and why?

Zero to One by Peter Thiel. Peter’s story, and track record of success is a pretty well-known one. However, this book showcases his very contrarian view of how VCs look at companies, and target investments. There’s a wealth of knowledge, and much food-for-thought within, on how founders can set-out to strategize on their roadmap for companies – often way different from the conventional advice we’ve been used to hearing all along.

What inspires you?

People with a vision, who are looking to change the world. People who inspire awe, people who want to make a difference. I know several such people on a person level, who are not afraid to take significant risks to pursue their bold ideas – both in terms of career-changing decisions, as well as ones which might impact them greatly, family-wise. Basically, people who don’t go with the flow, and are not just willing to think out-of-the-box, but follow-through on it.

What companies do you admire and why?

The two which come to mind are pretty common ones, but for good reason why.

Google – despite being in an obviously very good financial situation, they know that in order to survive, they can’t rest on laurels and rely on the successful programs such as AdWords and so on. Constantly innovating with the likes of Google X or Y Labs, they are always on the look-out for the next definitive game-changer, however long and tiring that road may be.

Apple – don’t think much needs to even be said about Apple. The utmost appreciation and vision that 'product tops all', that in itself means everything to me.

What was the best advice you've ever received?

It was definitely to never forget the problem you’re trying to solve in the first place – outsiders might feel you’re on a different tangent, but never lose focus of the primary problem at hand, and ensure that whatever you do works towards solving that issue, instead of getting side-tracked somewhere along the way.

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