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Steven Fernandez

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Steven Fernandez

18 Oct, "16

Inventory and order management software

Wholesale businesses should re-evaluate their their inventory and order management software regularly by identifying headaches in their stock management and taking small steps to make these better. Improving inventory management software is one way and will benefit the business by reducing warehouse costs and freeing up more time. However, for those still unsure about moving to a new system, here are some common troubles that you could be leaving in the past…


8 Jan, "13

Using order management software to exceed customer expectations

Setting your business apart from others is as easy as making your customers say “wow”. With so many wholesalers out there selling similar products, a great deal of them direct competition and a growing number 

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4 Dec, "12

Online store design - tips and tricks

Ever struggled to find your way around a retail store and the staff are no help? When you struggle to find what you’re looking for – whether the right product or necessary help – you get frustrated, give up and walk out of the shop. Well, online stores are no different.

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19 Nov, "12

Simplifying purchase orders

Having to purchase more inventory certainly isn’t a bad thing, it means you’re making sales. But it is a bit of a pain. Having to constantly make up and fill out purchase orders is a time-consuming part of inventory

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6 Nov, "12

Inventory systems: when to take the leap?

Your warehouse just burnt down, now what? For businesses with an inventory management system, it’s a matter of simply replacing the stock. For businesses without inventory management, it’s a matter of not only replacing the stock, but also rebuilding all the data and processes core to

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22 Oct, "12

Ten tips for your branding strategy

Creating a successful branding strategy, is about brains more than it is about brawn. When it comes to building and nurturing a strong brand, having the right branding strategy is much more valuable than throwing money at a quick-fix solution.


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