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28 Jun, "17

How to optimize your business for high demand products

Many wholesalers will agree that timing is critical in their line of work – if you’re able to ride on the wave of certain high demand products and capitalize on the trendiness or virality of these items, you’ll be laughing your way to the bank. In this article, we take a closer look at products that are currently in high demand right now, as well as explore how you can optimize your supply chain and operations to maximize profits from these high demand products.

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22 Jun, "17

TradeGecko Hosts Singapore’s First Shopify Meetup

Singapore’s first official Shopify meetup was hosted by TradeGecko on Thursday 15th June, 2017. With a turnout of approximately 150 attendees, the event was on par with other Shopify meetups held around the world.

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22 Jun, "17

eCommerce Digital Marketing Model: How to use this free tool

Tracking how digital marketing channels are performing and converting is crucial for any eCommerce business. Using our free eCommerce Digital Marketing tool, you can collate and measure all your digital marketing efforts to ensure you are setting an appropriate baseline spend for each channel and maximizing ROI.

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19 Jun, "17

A nose for the right apps

This case study features Innova Distribution and how they use TradeGecko. After failing to maximize functionality from an overly-complicated administrative software, home fragrances distributor Innova Distribution found a perfect mix of tech solutions which hit all the right notes.


16 Jun, "17

6 ways cloud inventory management simplifies how you sell

You’ve been hearing all about the cloud and its software lately. And all about how making the move to managing your business operations, like inventory, on the cloud will allow your business to run smoother.

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15 Jun, "17

Webinar: mobile device trends and consumer behavior, insights from Google

2,400 times. That’s the number of times an average person touches their mobile devices each day. Along with all those touches comes new trends the way people do things: how they consume information and also, how they buy things. Is your business ready to take advantage of this trend in consumer behavior?


12 Jun, "17

Effective Inventory Management - 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Inefficient inventory management can ruin your business. Be aware that we’re all prone to making costly mistakes that can spell the end for your business. Even Nike wasn’t immune. In early 2000s, lack of inventory control led to the loss of, hold your breath, approximately $100 million in sales.

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8 Jun, "17

How email marketing strategies can help wholesalers grow their profits

Many business owners and wholesalers overlook email marketing, and dismiss it as something that isn’t applicable to their industry. The truth? Email marketing strategies can be utilized by a wholesale business, and if done properly, you might just find your customer doubling or tripling in size.

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