Beginners guide to B2B eCommerce: An eBook

The B2B eCommerce market is currently massive, and it’s only going to get bigger. B2B eCommerce is estimated to be a trillion dollar industry in just a few years. Learn how to compete in the growing wholesale market with this FREE eBook!

Why shouldn’t placing a wholesale order be as easy as logging into your favorite online store and placing an order? 

Getting started with B2B eCommerce

Understandably, once you’ve decided that it’s worth making the move, there are still some concerns about the technicalities of going online. This is where our wholesale expertise comes in as a great resource for you. We’ve written a compact yet comprehensice eBook to summarize all the information you need to know to get started with B2B eCommerce.

So why read this eBook? Among other things, it will help you understand:

  • How to adapt your wholesale workflows to operating online
  • Metrics for online performance and how being online improves your intelligence 
  • How to help your customers adapt to and start to love ordering online.
  • The estimated value of the B2B eCommerce market by 2020 (hint: it’s in the trillions)

The B2B eCommerce model helps you reduce time spent on operational activities, open up new and interesting customer segments that you may not have been able to reach before and streamline your sales processes.

And it will give you accurate, real-time data on essentials like sales orders, shipping statuses and inventory levels (this one is our favorite).

All these advantages boil down to one really important, persuading factor: with the time saved on all of the above, you can focus on developing your business, making more sales and increasing profits in shorter amounts of time.

B2B eCommerce is a rapidly growing market. Whether you’re a wholesaler who already has their established base or are new to wholesale and ready to start online right away, this is an essential eBook to get started.

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