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Bring some B2C pizzazz to your B2B website design

With the rising trend of wholesale merchants looking for solutions online to widen their distribution channels, B2B eCommerce stores are becoming more commonplace. However, unlike their B2C counterparts, B2B stores rarely have the same design aesthetic or business branding that retail channels enjoy.

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TradeGecko’s login customization feature, improves your website design gives your buyer a feel of your company brand and aesthetic right from the get go. It also improves your store’s search engine optimization as it now allows customers to have their pages be indexed by Google. By providing the ability to create custom content, these pages have a higher chance of being ranked. Three TradeGecko customers tried out this new feature and the results speak for themselves.

Aligning your retail and wholesale branding

If you are like Pali Hawaii Sandals then your retail presence needs no explanation. As their tagline reads “Hawaii-famous since 1983”, their sandals are well known internationally. Their retail website, as seen below, reflects their story and brand to a tee.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.21.58 AM.png

However with their previous wholesale store, buyers would have been met with a very different outlook.

Without any branding or store customizations, their wholesale store is very disjointed from the business as a whole. With a little help from TradeGecko, Pali Hawaii Sandal’s B2B eCommerce store went from the nondescript design above, to this;

Pali Hawaii@2x-1.png

The new login page design is much more in line with Pali’s retail branding. This not only improves the store visually but also increases customer confidence in its credibility

The TradeGecko B2B Store has saved us countless man hours in order processing because it’s always been fast, reliable and functional – and now it’s gotten even better by giving us more control over our brand aesthetic and presentation.
- Ryan Meehan, Pali Hawaii Sandals

Selling Value

The trick to being successful at selling wholesale, is not necessarily to sell at the lowest price. If you are selling high quality goods you should price your products on value rather than price. The focus on the quality of your products should be visible and well explained from the moment a buyer lands on your store. With the new customizable login page, you can define the value of your products from the start. Take Two Fussy Blokes login page for example;

Two Fussy Blokes@2x-1.png

Two Fussy Blokes are unapologetic about having very high standards when it comes to paint rollers and they want the whole world, including potential buyers, to know it. You may not get the cheapest rollers on their wholesale store, but you will get “top of the line high density premium rollers, designed to deliver an ultra-smooth finish, ultra low splatter and ultra fast paint speed.” These guys are masters of quality and their B2B eCommerce store reflects their dedication to product value perfectly.  

Give them a taste of what's coming

When you are selling commonplace items it can be hard to distinguish your products with just words. How many ways are there to describe a pair of socks? For TradeGecko users Dilly Socks , their buyers get a feel of what to expect before they even enter their store. Dilly Socks displays a quirky colourful pair of socks as the background to their login page to show just how unique their products are.Dilly Socks@2x-1.png

The colorful image sells the products better than any number of words could and is a sure fire way to hook buyers.

Elevate your B2B eCommerce store’s login page with these new customizable login features and differentiate your wholesale store from your competitors.  Use TradeGecko’s custom login functionality to standardize your branding across B2B and B2C channels, sell the value of your products and give buyers a visual preview into what you sell.

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