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Surf’s up and looking good for Euroglass

Soorts-Hossegor is the European capital of surfing and action sports, it’s also where you’ll find Euroglass.

Founded in 1990 to supply Quiksilver with premium surfboards, they also now design, manufacture, and distribute a range of surfing equipment. TradeGeck_Euroglass_03

With a business philosophy based on authenticity, innovation, and reliability, Euroglass have continued to grow and evolve to beyond wholesale to retail and eCommerce.

Before TradeGecko, we had three different people looking after our inventory. Today, we only need one person

Having tried several inventory management solutions, none quite fitted the bill. For instance, there was no B2B eCommerce platform or the system wouldn't integrate with Shopify or Magneto, requiring triple data entry.TradeGeck_Euroglass_04

That was, until Euroglass got on board (no pun intended) with TradeGecko.

Now, everything connects seamlessly and they have a single source of truth for inventory & order management across their B2B Store, as well as Shopify, Amazon, and their Amazon Seller account.

First of all for us, a major benefit has been the seamless integration with our accounting system, sales, and logistics channels. This alone has saved us tons of time and resources, as well as reducing the likelihood of mistakes”.

- Matteo Fioravanti, Euroglass

TradeGeck_Euroglass_02“In fact, the time-saving aspect has been really significant. One unique import can now push our products to every single platform. Before TradeGecko, we had three different people looking after our inventory and order management. Today, we only need one person”

TradeGeck_Euroglass_05“We also love the fact that TradeGecko is available on mobile, so our sales reps can take it anywhere and check orders on the road.”

So, what’s next?

TradeGeck_Euroglass_01 “Well, we’re planning to further expand our use of TradeGecko. It is giving us new insights, and we can put in place rules to automate workflows -  reducing manual reporting and saving us even more time. All of this helps us as we look to scale across other regions”.

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Top 3 features used by Euroglass

B2B eCommerce platform

  • Replicate the eCommerce buying experience for wholesale
  • Buyers can easily reorder & check order status


  • Seamless integration, automates backend operations
  • Unified view across sales channels, locations and currencies

TG Connect

  • Keep team members & customers updated on order status 
  • Quickly identify if there is any blockage for orders



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