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The Merchant’s Guide to Winning in B2B eCommerce

One of the quickest and most effective ways to grow your retail business is to adopt a business-to-business (B2B) selling model. Selling to other businesses typically means selling in larger quantities and repeatedly to the same customers—and that translates to higher revenues and greater predictability.

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The Merchant's Guide to Winning in B2B eCommerce

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It’s a great opportunity—and exciting in theory—but today’s B2B selling approach has fallen far behind the way businesses like to buy. Many B2B suppliers are still using fax machines, physical catalogs, and spreadsheets to sell and invoice their customers.

The path to purchase is also painfully antiquated and inefficient, leaving buyers and suppliers frustrated and incapable of growing their businesses in new and exciting ways.

The B2B model has additional complexities: there are typically longer sales cycles and those sales are deeply rooted in relationships. That used to mean a passionate team of sales people making regular long-distance sales calls and treating prospective customers to lavish lunches.

However, times are changing.

As more small to medium-sized businesses move online, many B2B merchants are faced with a decision: to embrace or not embrace B2B eCommerce. When compared to B2C eCommerce and traditional B2B sales, the differences can leave your head spinning.

Sometimes you just wish there was one, simple manual for all this.

And now there is.merchant_guide_preview_thumbnail-1

Tackle the ins and outs of B2B eCommerce with our ultimate guide, The Merchant’s Guide to Winning in B2B eCommerce. In this eBook, discover:

  • The concrete differences between B2C and B2B eCommerce
  • How to encourage adoption among your existing B2B buyers
  • Which operational tasks you’ll never have to perform manually again

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Download our free eBook: The Merchant's Guide to Winning in B2B eCommerce today.

An introduction to B2B eCommerce and overcoming the challenges you may face moving online.