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Novii: A bright spark in the NZ tech market

For General Manager Gray Borrell and the team at Novii, lighting is more than a product; it’s an immersive technology. That’s why they’ve spent the last three years designing lighting solutions with innovative technology at the heart of everything they do.

nixon_insitue_output_v002Part design and part supply, New Zealand-based Novii isn’t your average lighting company. They have their own lighting studio and two full-time designers, and work with manufacturers in Asia to develop original products for retail and commercial clients. Consulting with clients through the development process gives the team valuable insights they can use to refine the final product they deliver.

A recent client of Novii’s, Mica Beauty, was seeing frequent customer returns as a result of in-store lighting not accurately reflecting the color of cosmetic products. Novii developed a specialized lighting chip designed to render true-to-life colors, which Borrell hopes will have a positive impact on Mica Beauty’s bottom line.

Given that responsive and innovative technology is integral to Novii’s value proposition, the business has many moving parts, which equals complex inventory management requirements:

Lighting's relatively challenging from an inventory management perspective in that there are a lot of SKUs,” says Borrell. “A lot of the retailers we work with expect us to stock our products, so it's important that we have a warehouse and facility that works.

22857505_1903160819697429_1967905151184273408_nUsing QuickBooks Commerce gives Borrell and the team visibility over stock in multiple locations, which is critical for managing a business as dynamic as Novii.

We develop our own ranges and bring on new product reliance all the time, and the ease in which we can actually bring those on create SKUs in TradeGecko has been really good for us.

Aside from the advantages to day-to-day business operations, QuickBooks Commerce’s Intelligence Reports have been invaluable to the team in monitoring sales and projecting future performance – especially given that Novii is a relatively new business without the benefit of historical sales data.

The Intelligence Reports have been useful for making projections and getting an understanding of how we're tracking. Any young business doesn't have the benefit of having years of that data, so getting a handle on that has been really good for us.
22580833_1523624924391226_3106037696116555776_nFor other budding startups, Borrell says QuickBooks Commerce offers the ideal foundation for growth:
I definitely recommend TradeGecko. I remember back when we were in our shared space and there were a number of different startup businesses in there and we would recommend it to anyone. To have a platform that you know you can scale with as a young business and as you grow… that's awesome!


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