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Philippe V: Uniting master craftsmanship with smart commerce technology

Philippe V, luxury eyewear, jewelry, and accessories brand, was created by Philippe Vergez and Thierry Halbroth in response to a collective consumer desire for individualism in an increasingly homogenized world.


World travelers and stylists in their own right, Vergez and Halbroth’s vision for the business from day one was to be a disruptive brand that encourages individuality through stylish pieces hand-crafted using traditional methods.

With that in mind, the pair designed a line of high-end eyewear and accessories drawing on rock ’n’ roll and rebellious iconography – like the skull and the Fleur de Lys – designed for the 21st century.

But using the highest quality materials and Master Craftsmen from around the globe comes at a price. We spoke to Vergez, who says the business’ manufacturing lead time is approximately four to five months, which initially made it difficult to track the performance of each product and manage inventory effectively. 

To see the growth he wanted, Vergez knew the business would need a robust inventory management system with the capability to monitor product performance despite the long lead times. After trialing dozens of software options, he chose QuickBooks Commerce thanks to its extensive suite of features and integration capabilities:

It took six months’ research before we decided to go with TradeGecko. It linked directly with Xero for accounting and TDS for logistics, so we can manage all our business from the one place.

QuickBooks Commerce: “A huge gain in time for the company and customers”

With the help of integration partner Rue Digital, Philippe V’s business operations – including accounting, logistics, and shipping – were switched over in full to QuickBooks Commerce during the course of a month. QuickBooks Commerce’s API enabled the team at Rue Digital to link all the business’ crucial systems seamlessly.


Marco Lim, owner of Rue Digital, estimates that QuickBooks Commerce saves the team at Philippe V at least 20 minutes on every sales order:

Before TradeGecko, we estimate that the sales agent as well as the seller's admin were spending about 20 to 30 minutes inputting the order, including the customer address and the terms and conditions as well as the SKUs. Now with TradeGecko, we estimate it takes less than 5 minutes to input the very same order. So this is a really huge gain in time for the company as well as for customers.

As well as selling directly through their eCommerce store, Philippe V has a number of distributors around the world who use QuickBooks Commerce’s B2B eCommerce platform to check stock levels, place orders, and track promotions in real-time. With more than 20 sales reps in Asia, North America, and Europe working with Philippe V, QuickBooks Commerce’s cloud-based functionality means everyone has access to up-to-date information no matter where they are.PhilippeV-brandimage

Thanks to the QuickBooks Commerce’s mobile app, sales reps can also create orders from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet, with full visibility into stock levels and customers’ purchase history at any given time.

For Vergez, the simplicity of QuickBooks Commerce’s reporting abilities makes it easy to get a daily overview of company performance with the click of a button:

What is great about TradeGecko is that every morning when I enter my software I can see which reps have taken an order and which clients have used the B2B platform to place a reorder, and I can measure the performance of the company on a daily basis.

PhilippeV-creatorsQuickBooks Commerce’s integration capabilities and time-saving features are helping the Philippe V team realize their vision of being a world-leading disruptive designer of eyewear, jewelry and accessories. Vergez says QuickBooks Commerce is an invaluable addition to any small-to-medium-sized business:

I would recommend TradeGecko to any small or medium business. I wanted one software to handle everything, and TradeGecko does that – orders, shipping, invoicing, accounting – in just one click.



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