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SUPACAZ: Reinventing the wheel for cycling gear & B2B eCommerce

Growing up in California on a healthy diet of surfing, skating, and cycling, Anthony Sinyard wondered why cycling gear was always so dull and boring, while well-known surf and skate brands were vibrant and original.

After going on to become a Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) pro, Anthony still wondered why surfers and skaters got to have all the fun. Couldn’t cyclists look good while tearing up the circuit too?supacaz-nalini-neon-pink-yellow-kit-2

It’s this question that led Anthony in 2010 to create SUPACAZ: a cycling gear brand fusing high performance with colorful style. The name SUPACAZ stands for “super casual”, and while the name fits Anthony’s laid-back Californian roots, in reality the small team works very hard to make sure everything they produce ticks the right boxes: quality, uniqueness, and customizability.

Like most businesses, in the early days the SUPACAZ team faced the challenge of making a name for themselves and finding distributors – no easy feat in the saturated sports gear industry. But it wasn’t long before SUPACAZ started to gain momentum and now have a network of 80 distributors in 100 countries. We caught up with Zane Brattan, General Manager for SUPACAZ USA’s distributor, who puts this down to pure perseverance:

We were constantly growing little by little, and before we knew it, dealers and distributors were hitting us up asking to carry our products. You have to keep pushing until you can start coasting off that momentum.

After starting off selling bar tape in a wide range of colors, the business started expanding into other product lines like grips, cages, and apparel. Their vast color selection was the key to their early success whilst simultaneously being one of their biggest inventory challenges. After all, tracking a single product with 70+ color variants is virtually impossible without a robust inventory management system.peter sagan with SUPACAZ starfade tape

As their distributor network and product range grew, the team realized they needed an inventory management solution that would work seamlessly with their existing software apps, and provide the right interface for a predominantly wholesale customer base.

B2B inventory management at the click of a button

After trialing various inventory management software providers that didn’t quite fit the bill, early this year Zane was drawn to QuickBooks Commerce. He’d heard about QuickBooks Commerce a few years ago when SUPACAZ was in its infancy, and now that the business was growing rapidly, QuickBooks Commerce’s B2B eCommerce platform and clean user interface stood out:

There are a lot of eCommerce sites out there but not many designed for B2B sales. TradeGecko’s B2B eCommerce store coupled with its inventory control features are exactly what we need.

Today, the SUPACAZ USA team uses QuickBooks Commerce to sell to more than 1000 stores throughout the US. Zane says QuickBooks Commerce’s purchase order and invoicing functionality offers the versatility needed to manage complex and changing customer requests:

The PO system is just beautiful, and being able to split orders into multiple invoices is great. We’re dealing with tons of clients and we do pre-orders, so having that flexibility is excellent.

The QuickBooks Commerce's mobile app also enables SUPACAZ USA’s team of 10 sales reps to sell on the go, place orders offline and have them sync automatically to the web app when they go back online.SUPACAZ bottle holder

When it comes to reporting, Zane and the team use QuickBooks Commerce’s Intelligence Reports to take a deep dive into top-selling variants and track their Cost of Goods Sold.

I can use the Intelligence Reports to see exactly how much it costs us to fulfill an order through our website. It’s so much easier to track important data with the click of a button.”

The business integrates QuickBooks Commerce with WooCommerce, ShipStation, and various CartRover apps, so they can manage all their order information and business activity from the one place.power-saddle-neon-red

Moving forward, the team has their sights set on a bigger, better, and brighter product range – and Zane says QuickBooks Commerce’s demand forecasting will seamlessly help them manage their increasingly complex range of products:

We have a lot of products in the works, so we’re really excited about the demand forecasting feature. It’s going to help us a lot!


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