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Growing thick & fast: TheGroomedManCo.’s journey to B2B eCommerce success

With a great beard comes great responsibility – or so says Daniel Mahony, founder of TheGroomedManCo. Find out how he’s winning at B2B eCommerce thanks to QuickBooks Commerce.

It was the early 2010s when Mahony, sporting a freshly grown beard, packed his bags and headed to the US on a holiday. On his travels, he discovered the joys of beard oil, a topical elixir that solved many problems experienced by the beard-havers among us, including itchiness, dryness, and redness.

After returning to his hometown of Melbourne, Australia with luscious whiskers and a bottle of beard oil in tow, Mahony decided to share his secret with his fellow hirsute gentlemen and then began producing his own range of pure botanical beard oils as a hobby.GMC-BeardOil

His miracle elixirs quickly gained momentum, and in August of 2014, TheGroomedManCo. officially launched online in Australia. The range, which comes in varieties like Morning Wood, Man Mint, Spruce Up and Mangrove Citrus, is produced locally in Melbourne from botanical sources like argan oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil.

Despite the business’ early upward trajectory, Mahony insists TheGroomedManCo. isn’t an overnight success story. After starting the business with just $5,000 and expanding from four products to 21 products in three years, cash flow has always been front of mind.

In the early days, Mahony’s inventory management strategy involved literally counting stock on the shelves. Without a streamlined inventory control system to manage and forecast stock levels, accessing key data and monitoring cash flow was next to impossible:

One big challenge was making sure we were using the right software to forecast and make smarter decisions based on easily accessible data.

With continued growth and a rapidly-expanding product range, Mahony soon realized his slapdash order management approach simply wasn’t going to work. He started doing research online and came across a number of wholesale inventory management systems – one of them being QuickBooks Commerce.TheGroomedManCoRange

QuickBooks Commerce: Easy to use, simple, and quick

After exploring a few options, Mahony found QuickBooks Commerce’s UI to be the most intuitive and easy to use. He liked the fact that QuickBooks Commerce’s B2B eCommerce platform enabled him to manage all orders from a single location – a far cry from the old days of juggling orders coming in via phone, online, and even Instagram.

TradeGecko has really streamlined the wholesale ordering process for us – we’ve grown 325% over the last year. I love the fact that it’s so easy to use – it’s simple, it’s quick, and it helps us manage the entire wholesale process.

Nowadays, integrations with WooCommerce also make it easy for Mahony and the team to manage all their ordering and accounting operations from a central location. The business ships wholesale and eCommerce orders to around 80 countries worldwide, which means QuickBooks Commerce’s custom price lists and multiple currency functionality are invaluable:

I love how easy it is to create custom price lists for different countries and manage multiple currencies.

Daniel_Mahony_TheGroomedManCoAt the recent Life Instyle expo, Mahony used the QuickBooks Commerce's mobile app and B2B payments gateway to walk customers through the catalog, sell products, and receive payments on the spot. He says he’s received feedback from customers saying they love the simplicity and ease of TheGroomedManCo.’s wholesale ordering process – all thanks to QuickBooks Commerce.

So, what’s next for the team at TheGroomedManCo.? Now that QuickBooks Commerce has helped them “patch up the holes” in the business, they’re ready to grow further. Mahony is in talks with international distributors and plans to continue expanding the product range to include fragrances and men’s shaving products.TheGroomedManCo_CoolCola

Whatever the future holds, one thing is for sure: TheGroomedManCo. will continue to bring silky smooth beards to the faces of men all over the globe.


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