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VIDEO: B2B eCommerce 3 -Simplify your wholesale workflows with B2B eCommerce

TradeGecko has produced a series of videos around B2B eCommerce, brought to you by our very own Geckos, to delve into the world of selling wholesale online. To discover how getting online with B2B eCommerce will simplify your wholesale workflows, keep watching!

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Moving your wholesale ordering systems online can seem a little daunting especially if you are used to managing your orders manually. However the long term benefits of moving to B2B eCommerce are too good to ignore. A few of these include higher profit margins, a bigger customer reach, and the advantage of taking control of your supply chain.

So can moving to wholesale online really impact your business growth? How easy is it to move from selling retail to selling wholesale online? Is it too good to be true?

In this video, Gecko Neeta will be telling us all about how easy it is to transition from selling retail to wholesale online and how your business could benefit from the move. 

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If you found that video helpful, we have good news - there are more on the way! In our next video, we'll be looking at the key metrics, KPIs and performance indicators to look at for B2B eCommerce. 

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