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Case Study: QuickBooks Commerce helps Incausa empower indigenous communities

Incausa is a social enterprise that uses the profit from their retail & wholesale stores to empower indigenous communities. They use QuickBooks Commerce to manage their daily operations and QuickBooks Commerce Payments to regulate cashflow. 

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Incausa has developed a socially purposeful business which aims to empower indigenous communities towards self sustained growth.

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To facilitate their cause, Incausa developed a line of products to be sold for profit, through their retail and wholesale business. However, as the business started to expand, the team found it almost impossible to keep track of orders and became resigned to errors occuring in their inventory almost daily, until they discovered QuickBooks Commerce.

TradeGecko was paramount for us to take a massive leap. When we realised what TradeGecko was doing for us it was kind of an epiphany moment… we could actually tend to thousands of stores, and control inventory and their orders. It’s outstanding.

Today, Incausa uses QuickBooks Commerce to have full visibility into their customers, suppliers and orders. They are able to send invoice reminders in bulk to their customers in a few minutes and are receiving payments much faster than before with QuickBooks Commerce Payments.

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We are receiving payments so much quicker since TradeGecko Payments was enabled and our customers LOVE it!

Watch the full case study above for more information on how QuickBooks Commerce has helped Incausa not only take back control of their inventory but also get paid faster.

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