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4 solutions that are rewiring the SME ecosystem

The SME owner of the past often failed because they did not have the resources to handle the many moving parts of their supply chain. From accountants to sales, warehouse and delivery staff as well as a team to handle administrative tasks, the labor costs are high and the workflows are repetitive, complex and manual. Today however, small and mid-sized business owners find themselves at a crossroads. New technologies in software applications, could dramatically alter the SME ecosystem and make it easier for merchants to thrive.

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Xero for financial transactions

Many SMEs are familiar with Xero accounting software. The cloud service provider dominates the accounting software space and in mid-2017, had over 1 million subscribers globally. Xero is best known as an online accounting software specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. However recently Xero has stepped up its game to bridge the gap between banking solutions and accountants, providing small and mid-sized businesses with frictionless banking services and the next generation of financial management solutions.


Xero creates a web of financial transactions that flow smoothly into one another. This financial web, starting with secure bank feeds that flow automatically into Xero, connects SMEs with financial institutions, government and apps all in one platform. This gives the SME owner an eagle-eye view over financial and business data- all with an accounting professional to help them along the way.

Shopify for B2C eCommerce

International growth and reach were once things only large brands and corporations were able to explore. The barriers to entry were high, you needed large sums of capital to start selling abroad and there were many factors to consider such as where products would be manufactured to keep shipping costs down, how to handle warehousing and how to solve the last mile challenges in each location. However, eCommerce has broken down those barriers for all businesses and Shopify has led the way.


In the second quarter of 2017, Shopify reported $151.7 million in revenue, a 75% increase from the comparable quarter in 2016. The eCommerce platform now powers over 5 million business in 175 countries. The huge draw of Shopify is that it is incredibly low in cost, doesn't require any coding knowledge to set up, is packed with functionalities to launch an eCommerce business of any size and in any industry. It also integrates with hundreds of apps to help merchants with every part of their business from analytics to inventory management. Shopify exponentially expands the reach of small and mid-sized businesses everywhere, making global entrepreneurship easy for anyone.

TradeGecko for B2B eCommerce

The B2B eCommerce market was estimated to be worth US$7.7 trillion dollars in 2017, so it should come as no surprise that the wholesale industry and the technologies around it are evolving in leaps and bounds. Wholesale is no longer only viable for large companies who have unlimited resources. New developments in warehouse management and fulfillment have made B2B eCommerce a viable option for many small and mid-sized businesses. And leading the way for B2B eCommerce is TradeGecko’s B2B eCommerce platform.

Just like Shopify is rewiring the way small and mid-sized businesses do B2C sales, TradeGecko does the same for B2B. TradeGecko’s B2B eCommerce platform is fully customizable, a ready-to-use wholesale eCommerce solution, tailored to the needs of you and your business customers. The beautiful and simple solution helps you deliver an impeccable sales and customer experience.

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Not only that, one of the biggest advantages of using TradeGecko for wholesale operations is that it works seamlessly with your inventory management and omnichannel sales. For the price of 1 solution, you can manage all your sales channels, integrate with leading accounting software, shipping solutions and grow your wholesale capability, making it ideal for any small but growing business.

CartRover for workflow automation

One big problem many small and mid-sized businesses face is having too many online solutions that don’t talk to each other. You have your eCommerce store, POS software, warehousing solution, inventory management platform, accounting software, the list goes on and on but the minute one does not integrate with another, you are in trouble. Many small businesses end up using solutions that were not their first choice or having to spend exorbitant amounts of money hiring programmers to build integrations. CartRover solves this pain.

CartRover provides integrations with hundreds of SaaS solutions. You can connect all of your preferred business tools to each other and have transactional data flow from one platform to another, even if those two platforms don’t have native integrations with each other. SMEs no longer have to worry about manual data entry on different platforms or being unable to use the best solutions for their business together.

These are just four of the many solutions that are out there to make success easier for SMEs globally and the best part is they all integrate with each other through TradeGecko! You can hook up your Shopify store, Xero and CartRover account with TradeGecko within minutes and create a powerful engine for your SME today.

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