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Save reports directly into Google Drive & Dropbox - Integration now live!

In addition to launching Multi Currency, this week we also launched integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. Now you can save your TradeGecko inventory and sales reports straight into your Google Drive or your Dropbox folders.

Saving reports into Google Drive or Dropbox, is a great way to share sales and inventory data with others outside of your TradeGecko team members.

The reports will be saved as a .csv file which is able to be opened by any spreadsheet editor, like Numbers or Excel.

Getting Started

Saving these reports to Google Drive or Dropbox is super easy.

Step 1.

Go into the Intelligence section of TradeGecko and generate the report you’d like to save.

Step 2.

Now you have the options to save to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Try it out for yourself

google drive and dropbox