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Set up your TradeGecko-Xero integration in under 30 minutes

Most business owners know the frustration of having to manage business operations across multiple systems. Often, this means double handling tasks and mismatched information – creating an operational headache.

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With the TradeGecko-Xero integration, you can manage and sync Xero’s online accounting capabilities and TradeGecko’s inventory management capabilities from a single dashboard. The integration links invoice, stock, and customer data automatically, eliminating manual data entry, minimizing errors, and saving you time.

All you need to integrate the two systems is a Xero account and a TradeGecko account. Here’s a bit more on how the two work together, and how to set up the integration.

How TradeGecko and Xero work together

TradeGecko has a myriad of inventory management and business management capabilities, so you can customize the platform to suit your specific requirements. However, some of the fundamental benefits of the integration include:

Creating sales invoices – When a sales order is created in TradeGecko, the invoice total is immediately pushed to Xero as a sales invoice. You can then approve the invoice and make payments using Xero. Read about how UK brand Chess London uses TradeGecko with Xero for product invoices and integrates with Shopify.

Creating purchase orders – When a purchase order is created in TradeGecko, the order total is immediately pushed to Xero as a purchases bill. You can then approve the bill and use Xero to make payments.

Reports on stock movements – TradeGecko collates all stock level changes into a single purchases bill on Xero, daily.

Multi-currency pricing – TradeGecko’s multi-currency pricing automatically converts to Xero’s base currency. So regardless of the currency you are selling in, TradeGecko will convert those sales to the currency used on Xero, for accurate accounting.

Create tax bundles – TradeGecko creates tax bundles (local sub taxes, sales taxes, compound taxes, etc.) in various percentages or combined, and this is synced with Xero.

How to set up a TradeGecko-Xero integration

  1.     Sign up for TradeGecko

Head to the sign-up page to create an account and start a free 14-day trial.

  1.     Connect to XeroConnect-to-Xero.jpg

Once you’ve logged in, click ‘Connect Now’ to integrate Xero. You will be taken through to Xero where you will need to allow TradeGecko to access your Xero account.

  1.     Create default accountsxero-ledgers.jpg

Next, you’ll need to make sure certain accounts exist in your Chart of Accounts in Xero. These are the four default accounts TradeGecko will push data to:

  • Sales Account
  • Purchases Account
  • Inventory or Stock Asset Account
  • Cost of Goods Sold Account
  1.     Enable two-way syncing

You can choose to toggle on (or off) syncing two-way payment. If you switch off the two-way payment sync, the integration will push payments from TradeGecko to Xero.

  1.     Connect your accounts to TradeGecko

You’ll be prompted to link the accounts you setup in Xero (step three) to TradeGecko.

  1.     Link your TradeGecko and Xero tax types

If you don’t have tax types set in Xero, you can create them in Xero and sync them later in TradeGecko’s advanced settings.

Other features of the TradeGecko-Xero integration

There are a number of other features that are synced between the two systems to make managing business easier:

  • Sales orders invoiced in TradeGecko are recorded as increases in revenue in Xero
  • Invoices paid in TradeGecko are recorded as increases in payments in Xero
  • Purchase orders created in TradeGecko are recorded as increases to current assets in Xero
  • When orders are shipped in TradeGecko, Xero records a decrease in current assets
  • Stock adjustments in TradeGecko are automatically recorded in Xero

Setting up TradeGecko with Xero takes just a few clicks. If you’re already using Xero and want to see if TradeGecko is a good fit for your business, sign up for a 14-day trial of our inventory management system at no cost.

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