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Harnessing TradeGecko & Shopify for true multichannel commerce growth

With their recent addition of multi location inventory capabilities, Shopify has given its merchants the ability to display inventory by store location. Among other things, this will allow Shopify merchants to have a greater degree of control over how they manage stock levels across various Shopify POS and non-POS locations, from which locations they fulfill online orders, and simplify how they process returns in Shopify enabled stores.

Concurrent with their public release of the functionality, the TradeGecko team has updated our functionality to allow our shared merchants to manage and maintain all Shopify inventory, sales & purchase orders on the TradeGecko platform.

TradeGecko’s inventory and order management software will help you automate your workflows so you can focus on growing your business.

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In a nutshell: Why is this important?

TradeGecko’s compatibility with Shopify’s multi location feature allows merchants to assign specific fulfillment locations for each Shopify location within the TradeGecko platform. This will allow growing businesses to track stock and orders across all locations from within TradeGecko.multi location capability

Planning for future growth

TradeGecko gives merchants the ability to truly achieve seamless, automated multichannel sales operations across a number of platforms. For businesses looking to 10x their growth, selling on one platform is not only passe, it limits your ability to reach new audiences and results in fewer revenue opportunities.

The TradeGecko platform and ecosystem provides modern merchants with the ability to truly scale and do so with the confidence that their sales, inventory and order data across all of their digital and physical properties is kept up-to-date automatically, delivering a single source of truth for their business operations.multichannel sales strategy

Why focus on channel expansion?

Becoming a truly multichannel - and subsequently multi location - business has several key benefits:

  • It increases your digital reach and visibility. Simply put, if you are listing, advertising and selling on more than one channel, your increasing your exposure to more potential buyers. Today’s buyer is more fickle than ever, often researching on multiple platforms prior to making a purchase decision. If you’re listing on multiple platforms, you have a greater chance of winning the buy button.
  • You can set-up a cross-channel guard for price conscious shoppers. Circling back on that fickle buyer, listing on multiple channels will allow you to research at what price your competitors are listing similar or identical items allowing you to match or price more competitively wherever you ultimately list.
  • You will be able to game the search engines. According to a 2017 UPS Pulse Study, 15% of all retail purchases originated from a search engine. Ensuring you’re listings are in multiple locations and optimizing for keywords will increase your discoverability.
  • Taking advantage of marketplaces is a game changer. While search engines made up 15% of retail purchase origins, search originating on marketplaces more than doubled that, totaling 38%. Marketplaces also offer an incredible opportunity to introduce your products into different countries and pairing with a commerce platform that can handle multi currency transactions is essential to avoid accounting headaches.

Whether you sell through multiple Shopify locations, your own website, or one or more global marketplaces, TradeGecko aims to make the experience of managing a truly multichannel and multi location commerce company as simple and painless as possible so that you can stop focusing on operations and start focusing on 10x-ing your business.

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