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Xero inventory management with TradeGecko

TradeGecko inventory management is proud to announce that its cloud-based inventory and order management application now integrates seamlessly with online accounting system Xero. Owners of Small-to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) now have the tools they need to scale at their fingertips, secure in the knowledge that they can now see the big-picture financial impact of every sale and related operation in real time.

The integration links invoice, stock and customer data automatically, so eliminating the manual data entry that wastes time and often introduces errors between separate IT systems.

TradeGecko CEO Cameron Priest said: “Xero inventory management has been one of our most requested features, and anyone who’s run a growing business will understand why. It brings complete confidence that the numbers you’re using to drive growth really do represent reality. Linking TradeGecko and Xero makes staying in control effortless and means our customers can grow without needing to increase headcount in the back office.”

Early feedback from the TradeGecko customers confirms that the benefits are real. Eliminating human processes brings scalability for SMBs in a way that has never been available before. Xero inventory management powered by TradeGecko is saving companies 100s of hours a month.

James McCarthy, General Managing at New Zealand flight tracking system Spidertracks said: “For the first time we can watch overseas customers place an order through our Shopify store, have that order push through to TradeGecko, fulfilment pushed to Shipwire and the invoice pushed to Xero. Within a couple of minutes of the customer entering their credit card number, the goods were pending shipment, all without any intervention by our staff.”

From Xero’s perspective the integration continues a drive to allow SMB owners with the kind of tools and insights that big companies have long enjoyed, without the cost, complexity and training overheads those traditional tools imply.

Xero Developer Partner Program Manager Ronan Quirke said: “Connected operations and accounting systems are key to the success of any company eyeing growth. We are delighted to be partnering with TradeGecko to bring this integrated solution to our customers, and work together on finding new opportunities through this partnership.”

Alongside Xero inventory and Shopify E-commerce - TradeGecko plans to launch further integrations with other cloud services through 2013 to help business connect their back-end systems together and automate their administration processes.