Guide to understanding and building an omnichannel strategy

Customer expectations are rapidly changing, therefore businesses need to constantly adapt in order to stay ahead of the game.

Enter omnichannel sales.

Simply put, omnichannel (meaning “all” channels) refers to unifying sales and marketing channels to create a single commerce experience for your brand.

Omnichannel commerce: Are you ready for it?

In our guide to understanding and building an omnichannel strategy, we show you how to create, implement and track a successful omnichannel environment today.

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In practice, this means offering customers a completely streamlined and connected buying experience across all platforms – including offering a seamless transition from online to offline selling and vice versa.

In marketing terms, an omnichannel strategy means putting a message anywhere a customer might be looking, listening, etc. In customer service, it means providing help and support when and where your customers are looking for it

In this eBook, we’ll take you through the evolution of omnichannel selling and why it’s important for businesses. We’ll then show you how to build, implement and track an omnichannel strategy.

Getting started with an omnichannel strategy

In an age where customers’ expectations are high, omnichannel selling is less a choice than a necessity for commerce businesses. Thankfully, taking an omnichannel approach offers a multitude of benefits and we have developed this checklist to help get you started. Read more

How to track the performance of an omnichannel strategy

You’ve laid the foundation for an omnichannel strategy. But how do you know if the time & investment has been worth it? Here are important KPIs to track & tools to use. Read more

Bridging the gap between online and offline omnichannel sales channels

Struggling to connect the dots between your online and offline channels? Here are some of the key tactics top businesses use to provide an integrated omnichannel experience. Read more

What is the state of omnichannel commerce in 2018 & beyond?

With customers’ expectations growing and omnichannel commerce enabling better customer experiences, the widespread adoption of omnichannel strategies is undeniable. Read more 

Download our free eBook: Guide to understanding and building an omnichannel strategy

We show you how to create, implement and track a successful omnichannel environment today!