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Boo! The ghost economy is costing you $1.75 trillion: How to bust it by mastering inventory management

You’re losing the equivalent of 11.7% of sales every year but not even noticing. The majority of this loss goes unseen. It’s largely invisible to you and the businesses around the globe that combined are being swindled out of $1.75 trillion a year.

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Even worse, the majority of these losses are preventable.

The culprit is the ghost economy, which is defined as the largely hidden cost associated with overstocks, out-of-stocks and preventable returns. Despite worldwide retail sales that are forecast to grow in the mid-single digits through 2020, significant operational inefficiencies exist and are coalescing to cost you:

  • $471.9 billion in overstocks
  • $634.1 billion in out-of-stock items
  • $642.6 billion in preventable returns

These are the sum total of lost sales or money left on the table that add up to nearly 12% of sales for the typical business.

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Getting rid of the ghost - the one robbing you blind - requires seeing it first. Only then - if you have the courage - can you unhaunt your business, bust the ghost for good, and claw back the trillions of dollars it’s costing you and your business peers.

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Download our latest ebook to learn how to bust the ghost economy costing you $1.75 trillion by mastering inventory management..