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During the holiday season, it's important to put your best foot forward. Usually, it's the first impression that can make or break a sale, so your product pictures can become the most important thing as your customers' roving eyes need to land on your products.To help, we have 5 tips to help you get the best pics possible for your holiday listings. To help, we have 5 tips to help you get the best pics possible for your holiday listings

1. Use the appropriate background.

product photos

For most of us, that means a white box--a (usually) cardboard box with white insides--that you place your product in or in front of for a clean background. It lends itself for easy photoshopping, if necessary, and making the product "pop" in the picture versus your customer being distracted by your background. But during the holidays (and all the time for some products), a background can help you make the sale by associating your product with a feeling or specific action. For instance, a lit candle in front of a stocking-hung fireplace can psychologically place your candles in your customers' home and create an emotional connection before they even purchase.

2. Invest in a better-than-smartphone camera.

product photos

Your iPhone or Android device can do a lot of things, but it shouldn't be your main camera for product pictures. It's not necessary to go all out and get a DSLR or something; a point-and-shoot camera can work just fine. The lens is the most important part versus the number of megapixels it has. Personally, I'm partial to the renowned Carl Zeiss lenses, and would recommend pretty much anything with them given an alternative. Then, after the holidays, you’ll have a good camera with which you can take new product pictures, as well as future seasonal photos.

3. Bring the light.

Low-light pictures, while lending themselves to certain moods, are notoriously difficult to take. Grain can be a major issue, along with odd color levels, so it's much easier and in most cases better to just have good lighting. The type of light matters, too, and just like for putting on your makeup, daylight has the best tone. If you can't use the actual sun, you can get good lighting inside. Any artificial light these days should have a color temperature gauge on the package, so make sure it says "daylight" or is around the 5000k region for the truest color tone in your pictures.

4. Take many, many, shots.


Unfortunately, the screens on cameras are super small, so it can be very difficult to tell what does or doesn't look good. Along with taking a few shots of each product, you should also have multiple positions in which you pose your products. Something that looks good in-person may not translate when reduced to 2D, and it's always good to have options when looking at what to use for your site, anyway.

5. Don't break down your set immediately.

Even with all the prep, it is possible to not get exactly what you want from your first photo shoot. By leaving up your set while you go off and look at your pictures on a computer screen, you can easily go back and take new ones should the need arise. Having a consistent look across your product photos helps solidify your brand's image and tone.

By using these quick tips, you can easily create pictures that are perfect for your brand this holiday season.

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