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How All In Brewing screwed business as usual and became a hit on the market

A brewery is a complex and expensive business. But Pelle Frost and his team thought “Hey, we don’t have to do it the regular way. Screw business as usual!”. So they started the company, All in Brewing, following the book titled, “Screw Business As Usual” by multi-billionaire Richard Branson.

Following this concept, Pelle went to landlords and real estate developers and proposed them to build a construction with a brewery included, where he will host his company. In the meantime, All In Brewing developed own recipes for craft beers produced by other breweries.

And it hadn’t taken the team of eight long to reach success. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, All In Brewing has been nominated as one of the top new breweries in the world in 2013, with one of their beers crowned Number 1 for 6 consecutive months on Untapped in the American IPA category, a social media platform for users to share and explore ales.

Their creations are also always featured in Untapped’s Top 10 Lists – an amazing ranking for such a young enterprise.

At the core of All In Brewing is their belief that they don’t ever compromise on the quality or quantity when it comes to the ingredients. The end product is a healthier, fresher, local option with a superior taste.

Marcus - All In Brewing

All In Brewing also had another very special approach for staying competitive in the industry. By teaming up with other Swedish microbreweries and sharing knowledge and recipes, this “union” of microbrewers has created innovative and exciting limited edition collaboration brews with demands far surpassing the supply. “We think that together, a bunch of small companies, we can act like a big one to affect the market and actually do something,” Marcus Tybell at All In Brewing explains.

We don’t see us as having competitors in the market, as we team up with other small breweries and the bigger players are too big to even act small.

However, there were challenges on the way. A year after All In Brewing started, they encountered the biggest challenge: how they could sell their beers. They were determined to scan the online market for a beer inventory software that would fulfil two conditions: 1. It has to be mobile friendly and 2. It must be online-based.

Why? “Because that is the future. We are Mac users to start with, and to have a server at your own place now is stupid as it takes a lot of effort…but to have a partner that handles your beer inventory in the Cloud is the best possible solution,” Marcus replied without hesitation.

We found TradeGecko and realised this was exactly what we needed. It allows a small team like ours to be super efficient, to have 100% control on the beer inventory, and it is our solution to logistics, operations, and efficiency issues. We are currently working on integrating TradeGecko with our logistics partner and invoicing partner, so that will give us a fully automated and scalable beer inventory system. We have also shared TradeGecko with other breweries and they really like what they see. We are revolutionising our industry with this system.

Although they are new in the market, they consider themselves more advanced than the companies with $20 million dollar turnovers because those are stuck in using old systems and excel files that are inefficient.

All In Brewing wants to keep on producing quality beer and the team is geared to increase clientele base and scale the company.

We see ourselves as one of the leaders in what we do in the next two years. We are structured and more efficient than the others. Because we’re competing against guys who are using excel files, it will be a walk in the park to outrun them.

So here’s to seeing All In Brewing’s craft beers on shelves around the world soon, cheers!

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