Regardless of whether you’re a brand owner, wholesaler, or distributor keeping track of your products across the supply chain is important, so you can trace all your products in the event of a recall. Learn how batch and expiry tracking can help you manage and keep track of product movements and help you grow your business in this FREE eBook.

With proper batch and expiry tracking processes in place you could save your company thousands of dollars in cost.

Learn a better way to manage product batches and expiry dates.

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 But where to start? If you hold large numbers of products in your inventory and sell over multiple channels, keeping track of batches and expiry dates can be an excruciating process when done manually. Additionally, with consumer products that expire quickly, mistakes are not only costly to the company but could be dangerous to the consumer as well. This is where having an automated batching and tracking system becomes a life saver.InventoryManagement-BatchExpiry-2.jpg

To give you a comprehensive understanding of how batch and expiry works, this eBook will cover:

  1. What is Batch & Expiry Tracking and who is it for?
  2. Why is Expiry Tracking important
  3. How Batch Tracking is great for building business relationships
  4. How to streamline your Batch and Expiry tracking operations

Learn how to leverage a reliable batch and expiry process to save precious hours each week managing and tracking batches. Improve customer and supplier experience and communications by proactively and efficiently dealing with recalls. Finally trace a batch’s movement from the beginning to the end of its journey across your supply chain.

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Learn a better way to manage product batches and expiry dates.

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