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Brooklyn Bicycle Co: inventory management to streamline operations

Brooklyn Bicycle Company builds top quality bikes crafted with care, and sold at an affordable price. They take pride in their products, and in the dealers who sell them, cultivating collaboration across cities, cultures, and passions. They use QuickBooks Commerce and Inventory Planner to streamline their processes, have visibility into their inventory and build relationships with their suppliers.

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The world of business doesn't sleep, but the people who run them need to. With QuickBooks Commerce's B2B eCommerce Platform, the team at Brooklyn Bicycle is assured that dealers are able to place orders for their products any time of the day, on any day of the week. Moreover, the Mobile App gives them easy access to their QuickBooks Commerce account on the go, allowing them to check what's in stock and place orders easily.

Watch the full video below to see how Brooklyn Bicycle use QuickBooks Commerce & Inventory Planner to manage their daily inventory and order management needs as well as their long term sales and demand forecasts.

We rely more on TradeGecko for accurate inventory counting than we do on the warehouse that holds our physical inventory. We are able to do monthly stock reconciliations as well which is great. The B2B eCommerce Platform and reporting are the two biggest things we rely on TradeGecko for.

On the financial planning side of the the business, Brooklyn Bicycle uses Inventory Planner to be able to better forecast sales, revenue and cash flow on a quarterly or even yearly basis. Having a seasonal sales model, it is vital for the team at Brooklyn Bicycle to understand what their revenue is likely to look like over the next year, be able to place the right volume of orders to meet the demand and be able to accurately forecast for growth.

75% of our business comes in between March and September and having a software partner such as Inventory Planner that can recognize that and forecast based on that really gives us the confidence of knowing ...that we have a good visibility of how we are performing in the months in between and be able to forecast that growth.

By utilizing QuickBooks Commerce to manage a significant portion of their business operations and Inventory Planner to provide additional support in terms of managing cashflow to accurately forecast sales and demand, Brooklyn Bicycle is more confident than ever of its vision and ability to deliver top quality bikes to its customers everywhere.

When I see a map of our operational processes, Tradegecko sits at the heart of it. It's the center of it and everything branches off that, so I would have no hesitancy whatsoever to recommend TradeGecko to someone. It's such a big part of our company and it's probably the part of our business that we are most confident in.

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