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The holiday season is quickly approaching and the time is now to ensure your business is prepared. Although this time of year can be very stressful for businesses, it is also a great opportunity to implement new workflow processes to drive sales and improve customer service practices. To help your business prepare for the seasonal sales period ahead, we have developed an end of year sales kit to guide you through the preparation and optimization process.


CHECKLIST: 10 steps to prepare your business for seasonal sales periods

By following these 10 steps, you can start your business’s preparation process so can meet or exceed sales goals, and create positive customer experiences. Creating positive customer experiences during the seasonal sales periods are extremely important. If a customer does not have a good experience, they will most likely not be a returning customer.


PLAN: 4 Seasonal sales period ideas for eCommerce businesses

ShipStation identify some useful tips that will help you enhance your business’s holiday processes and prepare you for the influx in orders. From creating a holiday calendar, getting into the festive spirit, improving your branding, optimizing your workflows, and hiring extra staff, there are lots of ways to get started on preparing your business for the end of year sales.


PREPARE: How to get your business ready for seasonal sales periods

We identify specific tools that eCommerce and wholesale businesses should focus on. In order to be successful during this time of year, businesses need to have an inventory management system in place that enables effortless control over stock, orders, forecasting, promotional strategies, and overall customer management. Within this blog, you will learn about some key planning considerations so your business can exceed those end-of-year business goals.

DEVELOP: 6 strategies to reduce inventory shrinkage

Inventory shrinkage refers to the difference between the physical count of your stock and the amount your records say you should have. This can cause major problems for businesses because it can result in a loss of sales and profits. The good news is, we have identified 6 strategies that can reduce this problem. Implementing a double check system, giving products unique identities, conducting employee training, automating inventory management with software, planning for busy periods, and tracking your inventory shrinkage over time will help reduce inventory shrinkage.

As you can see, preparation is critical for running a successful business during the end of year sales period. By using TradeGecko’s inventory and order management software and free business tools you can make sure this is your best holiday season yet!

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