We have big news! TradeGecko just released a new iOS app that is going to change your mobile sales processes - by making them much easier. This app was designed with the workflows and needs of our TradeGecko customers at the front and center.

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To figure out what our mobile TG customers needed the most, we started out thinking: What are the most inconvenient parts about selling on the road? A few major issues came to mind:

  • Carrying around product catalogs that can quickly become outdated.
  • Making a big sale, only to realize that you don’t have the inventory levels needed to fulfill it.
  • Slow order processes, as you take orders on the road, but can only input them back at the office.
  • Manual data entry errors caused by uploading data much later than when you get it.

Taking these issues, our awesome mobile team got to work. The result is this beautiful app, designed precisely for the needs of TradeGecko customers.

How exactly are we making mobile selling easier? With the features and functionality of the app. Here are 7 things you can do on the go:

TradeGecko for Sales

1. Sell anywhere, really

Maybe you end up finding a new customer while you’re travelling, sitting next to them on an airplane, or while you’re sitting in a cafe somewhere far from your office. With the TGFS app, you can create and manage orders on the go - wherever “on the go” happens to take you.

Our developers had two major use cases in mind. This app is ideal for anyone is your business who is:

  • Selling on the road, on customer visits.
  • Working a trade show.

We don’t just mean anywhere that you have an internet connection. TradeGecko Mobile has offline functionality, which means you can access the app at any time, even if you’re not connected to the internet. Any information or data you enter will be synced with your TradeGecko account when you get back online.

Essentially, you’ll never miss an opportunity to make a sale, just because you’re out of the office.

TradeGecko for Sale iOS app

2. Sell with confidence

All orders you write on TradeGecko for Sales get automatically synced to your TradeGecko account (whenever you’re online). The sales order is created easily, along with order confirmation that can be instantly sent to the customer. As an added advantage, you don’t have to worry about errors that come up from manual data entry when you do get back to the office.

Every time you pull up the app to write a new order, you’re seeing most up-to-date stock levels of your product. Why is this important?

Imagine you’re at a tradeshow and you hire 5 sales rockstars to sell your products during the show. You equip them with the app on an iPad each. Having real-time inventory visibility will ensure your salespeople are only selling what is available. This will help you avoid fulfilment issues and embarrassments after the tradeshow.

3. Use it on any iOS device

This app works on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Going further, it doesn’t just work on these devices, it was designed specifically for these devices. This means that it won’t take long for you to adapt to using it, because the vocabulary, design and features will already be intuitive for Apple iOS users.

This also means you can sure the app will be constantly updated and will work with the newest features Apple has to offer, for example, using a split screen.

There’s something really impressive about pulling out an iPad to show off your wholesale product offerings - so go ahead, set up your sales teams to impress.

TradeGecko for Sales

4. Take photos and upload them directly into your product catalog.

Updating photos in your catalog can be time consuming and difficult, but now you can simply snap a photo with your iPad or iPhone, wherever your products are, and upload them into the app directly.

This is an exclusive feature for the app. It gives you lots of freedom for adding eye-catching, high-quality visuals to your product catalogs at any time.

5. Scan barcodes for quick order creating

This is another app exclusive: scan the barcodes of your products for an even faster way to search for a product or create an order. You can do so using your iOS device, or an external scanner such as Socket Mobile barcode scanner.

TradeGecko for Sales

6. Use it as a mobile CRM

Communicate with your customers instantly, look up existing contacts for customers and suppliers and add new ones, all within the app.

You already use your phone for communicating with your personal contacts, this app allows you to also communicate with your business customers with the same ease. You can send emails and text, as well as call directly from the app.

7. Guaranteed usability and updates

We don’t consider this app release the end of the story. The mobile app team at TradeGecko has committed to constant updates to continue improving the user experience for your most important workflows.

Built for TradeGecko users

Ready to make your mobile selling process faster and easier? Download the app here and sign into your account. It’s free for existing TradeGecko users, and if you’re not a TradeGecko customer yet, start a free trial, and get started with automating order and inventory management!

TradeGecko is committed to the mobile platform and to evolving our products to fit your evolving workflows. This app is just another way we’re helping you manage your inventory like a pro, and streamlining your processes so you can focus on the important stuff: selling more and growing your business.

See all the details here.


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