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Buy and sell internationally - multi-currency support is here!

We are proud to announce the highly anticipated release of multiple currencies in TradeGecko. This awesome new update allows you to create sales orders, invoices and purchase orders in different currencies. If you buy and sell internationally then this new addition to TradeGecko’s online inventory management software is going to make managing this much easier.

Up-to-date Exchange Rates

You can set your own exchange rates or pull the latest value down each time. The exchange rate is set at the time the order is fulfilled.

Here’s the quick overview of how it works followed by the step-by-step getting started:

Multi-Currency Overview

With this release your TradeGecko account now has true multi-currency support, with FX rate & currency conversion support, all of it syncing back to your integrated Xero accounting system (if installed).

Within TradeGecko you have always had multiple-price lists - the account defaults being Retail, Wholesale & Cost prices.

However you can now add as many price-lists as you need, these price-lists default to using your base currency (which is set when you create your account). However with the launch of Multi-currency you can now add new currencies, and create price-lists for these currencies.

For example; if you create a price list and select USD as the currency then Variants will now have the option to add a USD price. You can then create a sales order using this currency, it is similarly easy to create a price list for purchasing in another currency - just make sure you check the “Prices on this list are costs” checkbox when creating the price list.

When you select the price lists for this currency will come through onto the document. Customers & Vendors can also have a default price list.

Getting started with multi currency

STEP 1. Set up a second currency.

Create a new currency in the currency options in your Settings menu.

Multi Currency

STEP 2. Create a new Price List

Create a price list in the Price List section of your Settings menu. If this is a Cost/Purchase price make sure to select “Prices on this list are costs” checkbox.

You will now have the option of selecting one of your currencies.

<Price Lists

STEP 3. Set your new prices into your products

Select a product and click into the variant options. You will have the new currency price options here. Enter the price and this will be available on your documents.

You can also mass import your product prices in TradeGecko via spreadsheet. See the support article.

Inventory Prices

Managing multiple currencies in TradeGecko is really that easy. Try multi currency now

We’re sure our new multi-currency support will make your business life even easier, if you have any questions please drop us a line on our global number +1 (650) 468-2904, or email