INVENTORY MANAGEMENT   |   1 minute read

Product Update: Always moving forward...  with Backordering! 

The crowd is going wild; distributors are clamouring for your attention. You knew this day would come. But you had no idea about the excitement your product would generate - especially during a tradeshow. 

Those hours you spent on your genius designs, negotiating with suppliers to make them come to fruition are all paying off. Now you have distributors making big wholesale orders!pre-ordering and backordering

But when you get home, it dawns on you. How are you going to sort and manage through all of these sales orders? Not only that - but how do you keep track of them?!

Well not to worry - TradeGecko has put together something for you to manage all those pre-orders. It’s not called BO, it’s Backordering.

Backordering is a powerful new tool in your TradeGecko arsenal to help you manage sales for products you might not have on hand right now. This means if you’re capturing pre-orders for next season’s collection, or if you don’t want to stop selling when you’re running low on stock, you no longer need to manage each order individually! 

Whether you have one outstanding order or several dozens, TradeGecko will consolidate unavailable inventory into a single purchase order per supplier at the click of a button.

When these goods arrive, TradeGecko will automatically mark the Sales Orders as Shippable so you can send them straight out the door. Now get back to growing your brand!

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