Here at TradeGecko, we are kicking off the year with many new and exciting projects that we can’t wait to share with you over the next 12 months. But first, let's take a look at some of the highlights of 2017!

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The world of commerce is evolving at lightning speed. New technologies are changing the way consumers source, sell and ship products. Industries that were traditionally clearly differentiated and defined, such as retail and wholesale, are now facing a blurring of lines. 

Our vision is to enable every commerce entrepreneur to build the business of their dreams. In line with this vision, TradeGecko is committed to evolving with these emerging technologies, providing our customers with the tools they need to embrace new channels and applications.

As such, we’d like to share with you a few key developments of 2017, why we felt they were necessary and how they have impacted the customers who adopted them into their workflows.


TradeGecko Payments

First up, TradeGecko Payments. Arguably one of the the most significant new features we released in 2017, TradeGecko Payments is a built-in payment platform that helps merchants get paid faster on their wholesale orders. Built on leading payment processor Stripe, TradeGecko Payments provides merchants with a reliable, affordable and secure platform to receive payments and help manage cash flow.

Over the last year, we have found that customers who use TradeGecko Payments get paid 3x faster than those who don’t. Getting paid faster regulates your cash flow so you can always place that next order with your supplier or fund your next marketing campaign to continue growing.


B2B eCommerce Platform Improvements
We know that many of you are looking to grow your wholesale businesses. You're also looking to bring your wholesale sales workflows online. With that driving our roadmap, we’ve released a slew of new functionality on our B2B eCommerce Platform, from a customizable landing page that can be optimized for SEO, a customizable form for potential buyers to request access to your B2B store, zonal shipping options and a fresh grid view store layout.
More than ever before, wholesale customers are expecting a B2C purchasing experience when they buy products online. The improvements to the TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Platform do just that. They provide your buyers with a frictionless, optimized buying experience from the moment they discover your store, to the moment they checkout.


Amazon FBA
Another aspect where many merchants face challenges is dealing with the last mile. Amazon FBA has been instrumental in alleviating some of this pain. In 2015 alone, Amazon handled the warehousing, packing, and shipping of 1 billion items from merchants globally. With such a large proportion of sellers using the solution, it was apparent that an integration with Amazon FBA would be hugely beneficial for our customers.
Since we’ve launched our Amazon FBA integration, we’ve processed tens of thousands of packages - these range from orders that come from Amazon, Shopify, and our very own B2B eCommerce Platform. Customers who have auto-fulfillments enabled can take a completely hands-off approach to getting goods to their customers. This has been incredibly helpful for customers who want to save time and give their customers the best end-to-end experience.

Looking Forward
As we head into 2018, we’re keenly aware that building a brand online is harder than ever before. We’re excited to support brands in their challenges to explore new sales channels, simplify operational complexities that come with scale, and the ability to derive insights that help your business get an edge in an ever-competitive world.

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