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TradeGecko optimizes accounting integrations with Xero and QuickBooks Online

The ability to have invoices, payments and purchase orders sync seamlessly with an accounting platform is critically important for modern merchants to save time and focus on growing their business. In fact, that’s why thousands of TradeGecko’s customers have selected our inventory and order management platform as their single source of truth.

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Because of this, we’ve recently enhanced our accounting integrations with Xero and QuickBooks Online and we’re really excited the share the following accounting improvements with you as we strive to make your businesses more efficient.

Let’s take a look at some of those key features.

Assign & batch sales channel invoices to different ledgers in Xero

If you are selling in multiple stores or channels, you can now assign invoices from each sales channel to separate Xero ledger accounts. You also have the option of sending the invoices in a daily batch, customizing them for each of your stores and marking payments as paid automatically from TradeGecko. This feature will be extremely helpful for business with high daily sales volumes, particularly for B2C merchants. See how it works here.enable_batching

Rounding sale invoice difference

For businesses facing Sales Order amount differences between TradeGecko and Xero due to tax rounding, it’s now possible to sync the difference to a Rounding Ledger in Xero. You can then reconcile the tax rounding differences within your accountants more efficiently.Xero_-_Rounding

Purchase Order sync to Bill Control

Previously, TradeGecko would sync a Purchase Order to a Xero Bill immediately when a Purchase Order was created. This was not an ideal process for wholesalers that waited for long periods of time to receive their goods from suppliers. Wholesale businesses can now choose to sync a Purchase Order to a Bill on Xero only when their Purchase Order status is changed to “Received.” Contact our support team ( to try the feature.

Purchase Order payment due date

We added a Payment Due Date field for Purchase Orders in TradeGecko. This field will be synced back to the Due Date field in Xero so you can keep track of which supplier has been paid and which has not.

More, more, and more

We hope these new improvements help you get the visibility you need to track accounting data. The TradeGecko Team is constantly working to improve your integration experience with Xero & Quickbooks Online, and have a lot more exciting changes coming your way. Leave your feedback here if you have any ideas to help  improve your experience.

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