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TradeGecko is proud to be voted number 1 in inventory management

Gartner is a long trusted technology consultant and advisor. This historic position enabled them create Digital Markets; a platform providing guidance to small business technology buyers, ensuring that they benefit from credible information and feedback specifically tailored to their unique needs.

By acquiring software comparison platforms such as Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice, Gartner equips the millions of buyers who visit these sites every month with the unbiased information they need to make great purchasing decisions.

Gartner Digital Markets recently published the findings from the latest comparative data on Inventory Management and Order Management solutions. In it, TradeGecko outranked competitors such as Cin7, Orderhive, Unleashed and more. 

The tables below show TradeGecko leading the pack. The rankings are based on objective customer reviews and companies are ranked on 4 key criteria; functionality, ease of use, value for money, customer support.

Capterra Inventory Management


GetApp Inventory Managementtradegecko_getapp_chart01


Software Advice Inventory Management


Let’s breakdown the four criteria to better understand the considerations that go into determining how well a software provider ranks in each.


Small businesses often operate with lean teams and each member usually has multiple areas of responsibility. Therefore when it comes to purchasing operational solutions, many buyers view functionality as critical- does the software fit seamlessly within their current ecosystem, does it factor in functions that are not directly related to it but sit at a tangent and may require the same data?

The integration with Xero is very comprehensive. Integrations with e-commerce platforms (sync seamlessly with) Xero as well. We use multiple channels on Shopify in different languages and (TradeGecko) helps integrate all the channels, keeps track and monitors inventory all in one place.” 

- Sumegha, Ambient Lounge

TradeGecko prides itself as not just a multi-functional solution, but one that sits at the heart of all operations within a business. TradeGecko is able to support merchants across channels with its B2B eCommerce platform and native sales integrations with major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon. Furthermore, TradeGecko integrates with leading accounting software providers Xero and Quickbooks, ensuring that its users' books are always up-to-date.

Ease of Use

According to a poll conducted by Quickbooks, one in 5 business owners felt they lacked the knowledge or expertise to automate their business’s systems, while 15% said automating was too expensive. What they may not realize is that today’s technology is often more intuitive and easy to use than most folks realize.

I use TradeGecko every day - approving orders when they come through - it is a very intuitive system, easy to find things, everything is where it should be - customers, orders, everything is grouped under their one tab. It's also useful being able to have multiple people looking at the order simultaneously,  I can be talking to the production team who are packing the order and getting it ready to go whilst making changes.”

- Anna, Noodoll

TradeGecko’s user interface is easy to navigate and set up even for a total tech-novice. What’s more, the web-app comes with intuitive in-app support as well as a veritable library of digital audio-visual resources to help users at every point in their journey.

Value for money

There are many inventory and order management solutions in the market for every business and every budget. For small businesses, value for money is determined by a solution that not only provides them with the tools for their current rate volume and rate of growth, but prepares or even propels them towards hypergrowth. 

TradeGecko helped us unlock the business model we wanted of 100% turnover growth - that’s our target again this year - huge jumps. It's been a huge timesaving.

If we didn’t have a system like TG that’s easy to use we would need to hire 1- 2 additional people which would require paying salaries, office space, instead we’ve been able to be quite agile, work from co-working spaces, we can work from anywhere.

TradeGecko is the primary system that we need to run the business, the three of us use it each day, over time, we get more into the reporting, the intelligence of it, tracking sales.”

-Liam, Ireland Craft Beverages

TradeGecko’s multi tiered subscription packages give businesses the tools for growth at every stage. Its most popular Small Business plan, offers support for multi-channel and multi currency sales, international warehouses, high order volumes, granular reporting and more. What’s more,  the meaty package comes with a dedicated account manager who helps the buyer set up for success and hit business goals.

Customer support

Starting your own business can feel like launching a shuttle into space without knowing how to pilot the spacecraft. Many founders find themselves floating alone after the launch of their business with no idea and no support on how to steer themselves in the right direction. That’s why a solution with robust customer support can be the deciding factor when purchasing an inventory or order control solution. 

It has quickly become my trusted hub for everything related to fulfillment in my business. Support is helpful and responsive. I'm a software developer by day, so it takes a lot for me to trust that a product "just works", but TradeGecko just works.”

-Bret, Wrapbuddies

TradeGecko provides round the clock support for all of its users, regardless of their subscription. For “DIY” founders, the TradeGecko Knowledge Centre documents every inch of the product and is always up to date. At TradeGecko we believe in a proactive approach to customer support and our support agents act not only as problem-solvers, but best practice business advisors too. 

TradeGecko’s ability to provide a comprehensive, wraparound solution for its users is the reason for its success in the Gartner Digital Markets ranking. The web-app enhances business productivity across multiple areas, connects seamlessly with sales, warehousing, shipping, payments, accounting and more. It is able to support current growth and help founders attain hypergrowth. As the leading solutions provider in inventory and order management, TradeGecko remains committed to enabling every founder build an amazing business.

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