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The case for a Virtual ERP at the center of your business

At TradeGecko we're developing our inventory and order management software on the basis that we will never need to build an accounting solution for our customers. Instead, we get to integrate with amazing world-class solutions like Xero accounting. This means that we can focus on  building the best inventory software possible - and we get to offer TradeGecko as the center-point of a Virtual ERP to our customers.

I believe that today, by selecting a few world-class SaaS products that solve your businesses problems which that integrate with each other is the way of the future. You get to avoid the investment in time and finances required for the adoption of a bloated ERP system and you come out better off with world-class SaaS applications that solve all of your businesses problems.

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Traditionally a company upon reaching a certain size (be it based on revenue, staff, functions etc.), would start to look for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which would integrate the different functions of their business into one application. At this stage the business would have of individually adopted a score of software tools that are solving different problems for different aspects of the business. The idealized goal of an ERP has been to bring these solutions together into one software solution.

Often the software requires customization that not only can be incredibly costly in terms of the necessary licensing requirements but also in meeting the financial requirements of setting up, and the hardware costs involved. In addition the process can be time-consuming and challenging particularly when staff training on how to use the new system is taken into consideration.

The other major downside of this approach is that you end up buying a system that essentially attempts present a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model, which creates a risk in not catering for the needs that it was sought for in the first place.

I am a firm believer that adopting the right tools in your company, when implemented and used correctly can greatly accelerate your growth, offer insights & analytics and help you fine tune your business to reduce inefficiencies and optimize your business. That said in 2013 you don't need to spend 100s of 1000s of dollars to carry out these types of systems.

For a company looking to manage their supply-chain, with a few applications like Xero accounting, TradeGecko inventory and ordering plus PayrollHero - they could possibly have all the software they need to run their business, at a 10th or 100th of a cost of a big ERP.

This obviously varies depending on the industry and the problem case - but today with cloud-based B2B applications like Xero, VendHQ, PayrollHero, TradeGecko etc. it is possible to assemble a world-class "virtual ERP" system with a few different applications at a small fraction of the cost of an all in-one-ERP for nearly all industries. It is very easy to use a forum like Getapp

For more how TradeGecko cloud based inventory software can be part of your businesses virtual ERP and improve the efficiency of your business get in touch with us.... we look forward to hearing from you.