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Integration Spotlight: How TradeGecko enhances your Shopify platform management

Shopify is an eCommerce solution that allows you to build a personalized online shop. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, and track and respond to orders.

TradeGecko seamlessly integrates with Shopify!

Automatically sync sales with stock levels, invoices and order fulfillment.

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Today, Shopify is a highly preferred eCommerce platform because it provides a complete solution to building an online store. Using the platform, you can manage your entire website and storefront in one place (without needing advanced technical knowledge), and it’s easily integrated with a payment gateway and inventory management system.

Here’s a quick rundown of how TradeGecko and Shopify work together to provide a complete eCommerce solution.

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How TradeGecko works with Shopify

TradeGecko and Shopify work in tandem to automatically sync sales with stock levels, invoices and order fulfillment. Some of the key benefits include:

Multi-channel sales capabilities – If you sell across multiple channels, using the Shopify integration with TradeGecko makes it easy to manage all of your wholesale, eCommerce and brick-and-mortar channels together.

Streamlined operations – Utilizing TradeGecko with Shopify cuts down on the amount of manual order processing needed by keeping all operations in one intelligent hub. The result? More free time to work on growing your business.

Advanced inventory management – When an order is made through your Shopify store, TradeGecko will automatically create a sales order and invoice, take you through the order fulfillment process, and automatically adjust stock levels.

Product matching – You can choose which product codes and variants are published from your TradeGecko inventory to your Shopify online shop. All descriptions and images are automatically transferred to Shopify, and any changes made are synced across all of your online channels.

How to integrate Shopify with TradeGecko

Integrating your Shopify account with TradeGecko is as straightforward as installing the Shopify Add-On from our eCommerce integrations store. As long as you have a Shopify account and a TradeGecko account, you can integrate them for free.

TradeGecko’s integration capabilities don’t stop at Shopify, either. You can also sync with order fulfillment providers like ShipStation and Amazon to handle your entire order and fulfillment process from the one place.

That’s what Amber Thibaut of Coco Moon does to manage her thriving baby clothing business. Amber uses TradeGecko's order management system with a Shopify integration as she processes orders and shipments. All orders are entered into TradeGecko, which are then synced with ShipStation to handle fulfillment.

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Now, there’s no more double work. My bookkeeper doesn’t have to re-enter things, which helps save me money and, foremost, a lot of time. It has been a positive thing to start using TG for sure. - Amber Thibaut

Along with eCommerce and fulfillment solutions, TradeGecko can also easily be integrated with accounting software like Xero. If you want more flexibility and control, there’s also the option to develop your own integration with our open API.

Whether your eCommerce solution of choice is Shopify or any other platform, TradeGecko makes it plain and simple to manage your business from a single dashboard.

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