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4 Tools That Will Change How Your Business Shares Files in 2017

If file sharing only brings to mind Google Drive, think again. There are a host of supporting players that are changing the way businesses share files internally and with other businesses, and once you find out what you’ve been missing, you’ll understand that file sharing technology is constantly evolving.

Here are 4 particularly promising tools that will change the way you share files in 2017:


If your main workflows involve document or file approvals, an enormous project management tool like 360 could be too complex and expensive for your needs. And easier-to-use management tools often still require you to bounce back and forth between the workspace and Dropbox or Google Drive.

Hightail addresses all of those problems in a brilliant way. Now you can handle approvals in the same place that you upload files. Get client feedback on product design, marketing materials and any other files that need to be seen by many pairs of eyes before the final launch. Hightail is easy to use but manages to also pack a punch in its offerings. Commenters, whether they are clients or members of your internal team, can highlight portions of documents, photos or videos to give specific feedback.

And there’s no need to worry about keeping track of the most up-to-date version or to scramble to find past revisions. Hightail handles it all in an intuitive way. Its ease of use means that your clients will quickly catch on to the new approval process. Invite your client to view file sets by simply typing in their email address. When they have comments, they can reach out to your team by tagging them in comments. In other words, Hightail’s sleek design gives you exactly what you need in order to handle file approvals.Files-fax-business-operations.jpg


Some businesses continue to send files via fax, and some don’t. As a wholesaler, some of your customers may insist on sending files by fax. If you’ve moved on from sending files by fax to email (or better yet, a custom wholesale eCommerce store), it probably irks you to have a client specifically request for you to fax documents over to them

After all, here you are, trying to save paper and avoid the clutter that comes with having files of documents. And your client’s determination to stick to traditional means of business communication is dragging you down. Do you really have to go buy a fax machine, paper and ink to give them what they want?

Not anymore! Thanks to eFax service, sending and receiving faxes is as simple as sending and receiving emails. It’s a win-win in a situation that can otherwise cause some friction and frustration between clients or business partners. Now, both parties can send and receive files via their preferred method.

In fact, eFax goes a step further and is capable of sharing files that are simply too large for email. And if your signature is required on a document, you don’t have to worry about printing it out, scanning it and sending it again; simply sign a piece of paper, take a picture of your signature, and use the app to add it to the document. But if you do need to scan a document, just use the mobile app to take a high-resolution picture of the document and you’ll be all set.


Have you ever received a file from a client that your computer doesn’t know how to read? It can be a puzzling experience.

Or, let’s say you are able to edit PDFs on your work computer, but your personal laptop isn’t equipped with Adobe Pro. How are you going to make quick tweaks to a file someone sent you on the go? With CloudConvert, of course!

CloudConvert is worth its weight in gold. And for small files, it’s actually free to use. This browser-based conversion tool supports over 200 file formats for documents, audio and video clips, and more. Just upload your original document, tell CloudConvert what the original file format is and which format you wish to convert to, and this online tool will take care of the rest. Within a few seconds (longer, of course, for larger files), you’ll have a file that you can actually


If you’re just looking for a simple way to send files —like a lookbook of next season’s products — to your wholesale clients, WeTransfer has you covered. All you have to do is attach a file, add your email address, your recipient’s email address, and a brief message. Then click the Transfer button, and you’re done! You’ll receive confirmation once your recipient has downloaded the file.

WeTransfer allows you to send large files (up to 2 GB) without clogging up space on your email server or in your cloud storage. However, since WeTransfer doesn’t want to clog their own server either, files are only stored for two weeks. That means you might need to send a follow-up email to your recipient to make sure they download their files.

WeTransfer is a smart and secure way to send final project files to a client and to receive the peace of mind that those files have been downloaded on arrival. WeTransfer is free and you don’t even need to have an account, although there is a paid Plus version with a few extra features, such as the ability to send files up to 20 GB in size, 100 GB of storage space, and the option to password-protect your files.

What are your go-to file sharing tools when Google Drive, Dropbox and the other major players just don’t cut it? Let us know in the comments below!


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