Time-poor wholesalers and eCommerce merchants know all too well that effective business management means being able to get things done simply and quickly.

TradeGecko’s inventory and order management software will help you automate your workflows so you can focus on growing your business.

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For many small businesses, one or two people are responsible for managing the business entirely – including everything from warehouse management, handling invoices, generating pick lists and managing packing slips to assigning reorder points and bin locations, accounting, reporting, and more.

While business tools can be a huge help to busy business owners, they can also create more work when different systems are needed for each function. With TradeGecko, a myriad of business operations can be managed within a single dashboard.


Here are just some of the business tools that can be consolidated using TradeGecko.

  1.    Traditional ERP systems

With TradeGecko's inventory control software, you get automatic stock level updates whenever sales and purchases are made – enabling you to manage inventory levels effectively. You can also manage inventory across multiple warehouses and in multiple currencies, make stock level adjustments for products, and organize your entire catalog using advanced custom filters.

  1.     B2B wholesale systems

If you manage a wholesale business or have a wholesale component to your business, you can use TradeGecko as a tailored wholesale ordering platform. Using the B2B platform, you can pre-set your wholesale price, set personalized pricelists for each customer, import products from your B2C storefront, and more. Your wholesale storefront can also be customized in line with your branding.

  1.     eCommerce systems

Alongside TradeGecko’s inbuilt order management and fulfillment functionality, the platform can also easily be integrated with external eCommerce solutions like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. This means you can manage your entire sales cycle – from purchasing to fulfillment – using the one system.


  1.     Sales reporting tools

With TradeGecko’s intelligence reports, you can review accurate sales and inventory data in real time. Reporting functionality includes sales history and order reports by customer, product, channel, location, and more.

  1.     Order fulfillment & shipping solutions

Using TradeGecko, you can set shipping rates according to different shipping methods within various locations and include shipping rates in all sales orders. You can also integrate with order fulfillment solutions like ShipStation and Amazon and manage the entire fulfillment process from the TradeGecko dashboard.

  1.     Accounting software

TradeGecko can be seamlessly integrated with accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks, so you can automate and streamline the invoicing and purchasing process between systems.

TradeGecko Payments is also a customer-friendly B2B payment gateway that enables you to bill with a single click, giving customers a hassle-free payment experience.

  1.     CRM systems

TradeGecko automatically records sales order and purchase history, so you can better understand user behavior and provide a personalized experience. Using the platform, you can see all orders details made by every customer in your database, including when orders were created, emailed, and when the email was opened.

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