With the advent of technology, everyone began accumulating data at a rapid-fire rate. And now with easy access to low cost computing power and Cloud software, more small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been empowered with data, and the ability to learn from it, than ever before.

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The ability to leverage large amounts of data effectively used to be cost prohibitive for smaller organizations. Many SMBs lacked the capital means to perform a number of key tasks that are foundational to using data well, including:

  • Purchasing and maintaining the required computer hardware
  • Purchasing and maintaining the required computer software
  • Employing (and continuing to engage) the required talent to collect, govern and explore data for insights

But Cloud software has changed the game. Not only has it eliminated many aspects of these up-front barriers, it has also allowed SMBs to benefit from crowdsourced learnings that are built into the solutions themselves. The best SMB Cloud software solutions will take care of the heavy lifting on the data collection, aggregation and governance side of the house, ensuring that results are coming from a single source of truth. Additionally, the best solution providers will offer templated and flexible reporting and forecasting capabilities, which can reduce or entirely eliminate the need to employ specialized data and analytics professionals.

To be successful with data, it’s important to develop a data informed mindset.

data informed merchant ebook

In this guide we’ve brought together research from organizations that have spent millions trying to understand why companies win and lose based on their use of data. Now we’ve broken it down for your convenience, so that businesses of any size can use it to build strong, data informed foundations.

So how do you merge data driven results and human intuition? And how do you introduce data informed decision making into your company without being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information?

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The ultimate guide to becoming a data informed merchant

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