How one designer lingerie label turned things inside out

Inspired by the love of lace, design, style, and details, Kat the Label is a bespoke lingerie brand from Australia. Committed to ethical trade, it lives by the motto of: "We’ll compromise on a lot of things... but never our lingerie.”

Kat the Label

Like many a small business, it relied heavily on brick-and-mortar sales. However, when Covid-19 arrived, the team at Kat the Label had to readjust its thinking–without going against its principles.

From cups and clasps to likes and impressions

With so many retail outlets closed, Kate the Label looked to its website and online presence for a solution. One of the first things they did was to place more Facebook ads.

Kate Nixon, founder of the boutique brand, says, “Our digital marketing agency pointed out that many brands would panic and pull their Facebook spend. So what did we do?”

We increased our online spend – after all, the impression and clicks were cheaper now than ever.”

Taking time out to turn things around

Kate of Kat the Label

Kate Nixon, founder of Kat the Label

While all this was going on, Kate and her team took the opportunity to:

  • Revamp their eCommerce site, both front-end and back-end
  • Enhance the customer experience, including better functionality
  • Migrate their email marketing to a more sophisticated platform Implement online customer reviews and a loyalty program.
It’s what’s underneath that counts.”

With a helping hand from QuickBooks Commerce

Through the QuickBooks Commerce platform and team, this flourishing lingerie label was able to:

  • Track inventory more accurately and quickly, and avoid running out of stock
  • See live up to date stock levels across different locations.
  • Work remotely seamlessly, despite all the Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Manage the boost in sales more effectively and smoothly And grow its business.
TradeGecko is easy to use and navigate. But best of all, it’s great for purchase orders, as we can always see what’s coming in and what stock’s available.”

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