The integration between TradeGecko Online Inventory Management System and Shopify means that your business can now sync and connect its sales, inventory, contacts and invoices together with your Shopify store. This beautiful cloud partnership will allow your business to keep abreast of its sales and cash flow with ease and precision. But what exactly is cloud computing?

Well, we’re in the middle of paradigm shift in how we all do business computing. Not all of us are happy with the process, but it will affect us all whether we wish it to or not. Simply put, cloud computing is to desktop computing as the desktop computer was to the mini-computer. It’s a change in thinking about how we use computers. The advent of the desktop computing took data out of giant room-sized mainframes and placed the data storage and the programs that managed and processed the data into a box on your desk.

The advantages of desktop computing were that everything was all right there on your desk and under your total control. You chose the software you want, the interface you liked best and the capabilities you wanted included in your system. Desktops could even hook up with servers located on-site, off-site, either directly or via the Internet.

The disadvantages were that software was often costly, buggy and required frequent updates. For businesses, stand-alone desktop computing also meant that workers could do all sorts of unsupervised, non-business activities and use company computer resources for personal activities. These activities could even introduce threats like viruses and malware into company systems and were certainly a waste of employee’s time.

Then came “The Cloud”...

The idea behind The Cloud was to remove virtually everything except the operating system from individual computers. Instead of storing data and accessing programs over the Internet, you store it in the cloud. The cloud is, in fact, a metaphor for the Internet going back to the early days when the Internet was conceived of as a kind of gigantic infrastructure consisting of interconnected server-farms. The full exploitation of the Internet’s cloud-like infrastructure is seen by advocates as the logical and inevitable future of the Internet – a big puffy cloud into which all data is collected, all connections are facilitated, all work gets done and all information distribution gets done seamlessly. The cloud could handle everything from stock control to inventory management, customer tracking to research. Office software, accounting software, publishing and graphics tools all would be hosted in the cloud.

With some pretty exciting news in the pipelines, over the next few weeks we will take a closer look into the impact that cloud computing and how, together with TradeGecko’s help, you can revolutionize your business performance.