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How to make your pop-up shop unforgettable: a 5-point checklist

Pop-up shops may seem like a temporary event for a quick boost in sales. But it's probably a good idea to start thinking about them as a great way for an eCommerce store to gain long-term customers and make your presence known in a new market.

In a previous post, we went through the reasons why having a pop-up shop is a good idea for businesses. That got us thinking. So we went on a mission to observe an actual pop-up shop in action. Based in Hong Kong, hot fashion start-up Grana was in Singapore earlier this year, and they let us tag along for the ride. The result? A great checklist full of excellent advice for making sure your pop-up shop is completely unforgettable.

Grana Pop-up

1. Clearly define your reasons for doing a pop-up shop.

Day 1 Goal: Prepare for all the (literal) feels. Check. One major point on your checklist should be about clearly defining the reasons for doing the pop-up shop in the first place and what your goals are. For Grana, one of their main goals was to give their customers an offline touchpoint.

As a global brand, Grana realized that people needed to touch and feel products before they gained their customers’ trust. Never underestimate the power of touch! Pop-ups are also a great chance to introduce your brand to customers who wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. For Grana, they wanted to introduce themselves to the Singapore market on a personal level.

Grana Pop-up

2. Identify what the key factors are.

Location. Location. Location? Check. There are several aspects of logistics that can make or break a pop-up shop. For Grana, they identified those key factors as: location, staffing and knowing audience behavior. With staffing, you need to hire quality people (they’ll be representing your brand) to work at the shop and a pop-up manager to make sure everything is executed as planned. Identifying and anticipating audience behavior will also affect the success of your shop. And of course, location is everything:

The location is crucial: too up-and-coming, and you won't have enough traffic, too trending, and it may not be authentic to your brand. It's also important to look at why there's foot traffic in any region.

3. Figure out how you will stand out from the crowd.

Hire unusually tall man to walk around in furry costume and hand out cookies? Check. Pop-up shops are all over the place. Make sure yours stands out, and don’t be afraid to use strong visuals. Grana knew they would stand out amongst the many shops in Singapore if they just stayed true to the their brand and showcased their values as much as their products.  This meant making sure “Grana blue” was a constant throughout the store, and they weren’t afraid to be bold about it.

We stay true to our brand bible and make sure that the pop-up isn't just all about the products, but speaks authentically about our values—value-consciousness and an appreciation for quality— and our personality—fun, rebellious, and adventurous.

4. Consider how you can personalize your shop for the location.

Switch Google translate to correct language? Check. Grana knew how much Singaporeans love Singapore, and they came to love it too. They planned a variety of Singapore-themed events and used the Instagram hashtag: #ThisIsSingapore. They knew that the location itself was in a family-friendly mall, so they planned events specifically for families and weekend shoppers. Overall, Grana knew that they needed to personalize to the location, or else be at a risk of seeming out of touch.

For your pop-up, use social media to its fullest, and do some research about the location to see what you can do to customize for your shoppers.

Grana pop-up Singapore

5. Define your metrics for success and how you will measure them.

On a scale of 1-10 how much did you love us? oh, 100? Check. Metrics vary for all pop-up shops, depending on the location and what your own goals are. For Grana in Singapore, they focused on measuring foot traffic, meeting sales goals, and monitoring word-of-mouth to determine how people felt about them.

Grana Pop-up

There you have it, an easy checklist to make sure that your pop-up shop is the success you always dreamed it would be. There’s a lot of advice out there, but it all seems to boil down to a couple simple things: make sure your brand’s identity is present throughout. Also, savor the chance to meet all your customers face to face and get feedback on what they like, what they don’t, and what they just can’t get enough of.

And if you have any tips to add to our checklist, leave us a comment!

Big thanks to our friends at Grana for letting us tag along and giving this great advice!

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