Jesse Hanley, SEO magician and overall web-optimization expert is back with another guest blog post. This week he takes us through the impact Instagram Advertising could have on your eCommerce business and how to make the most of it by jumping on board early. 

Remember two years ago when Instagram sold to Facebook for $1 billion dollars and everyone was laughing?

Well things are about to change.

At the end of the month Facebook will be turning on Instagram's monetization switch and when it does, a huge opportunity will present itself to marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs especially those in eCommerce.

Why is this important and why should you care?

It's a known fact that marketers have a funny habit of killing everything.

From email marketing to Google AdWords to Facebook Advertising we seem to always push too hard and drive competition so high that it’s harder to get a positive ROI on our campaigns.

After we see that an ad platform is doing well, we all jump for it, milk it for all it's worth and then start complaining that we're not getting the same return like we used to.


In the beginning of a new ad platform we see the standard tech adoption cycle kick into gear.

Getting on the Instagram Advertising bandwagon

The innovative marketers who are always on the lookout for new opportunities jump on early, learning all they can from the platform and after a couple of months start yielding dispropriate results for their efforts.

In other words they make a lot of money.

Early adopters hear about the success of the innovators and start coming in one by one. They pick up the learnings and start to build upon it, creating more effective campaigns and having somewhat good success in terms of a return. Competition is low and so are prices. It’s a good place to be.

Then the inevitable happens.

A couple of months down the line the rest of the marketing world catches wind that Instagram advertising works and is safe to use.

Late adopters begin flooding in and drive prices up, saturate the market and reduce the effectiveness of everyone else's campaigns.

It starts to get tough because you now have to work harder for each dollar earned and all your advertising creatives begin to compete with everyone else bidding for the same people you’re targeting.


It’s for this very reason that it is so crucial for businesses to jump in early and take the risk.

There is a huge opportunity for businesses to take control of this platform, learn from it and potentially get a disproportionate ROI all because you were first.

If you’re in the apparel and accessory space you have the biggest opportunity to really take advantage of this platform.

For a long time Instagram has been a fantastic way to market your product and get it in front of an audience for free. As I mentioned above, we’re most likely moving into a realm where that will no longer be the case so it’s imperative for your brand's success to master this advertising platform and really understand it.

If you're in apparel and accesories, Instagram Advertising is for you!

What are the main mechanics behind Instagram and how can I get started?

Instagram works in a really simple way. It's a place where people create a feed of things that inspire or interest them. Most users create feeds based on people they aspire to become or places they want to go.  

As a marketer this should excite you as it provides you for the first time ever the opportunity to slot your brand right into the things they love. The impact of this is huge.

A campaign that uses beautiful images with a fantastic written piece of copywriting will create engagement that you’ve never seen before on paid social media.

Over the last 12 months, Instagram has been pushing the platform to the test and working closely with some of America's top advertising agencies to improve how users engage with their content. Even with a small group of people testing it the results have been very positive.

If you're located in the US you may have come into contact with one of these ads but if you haven’t this is what they’ll look like:

Instagram Single Image Ads

To get some inspiration on creating your first campaign grab a cup of tea and watch this video they put together where some of the best ad agencies in the world get to beta test the platform: 

After reading this article and watching the above video you’re probably roaring to go on your first campaign. 

Here’s how I would get started.

Step 1:

Work out what the goal of your campaign is and where you want to drive your clicks. Your goal could be to drive users to a product page or perhaps you want them to like your page. Whatever that action is make sure it’s clear and well thought through.

Step 2:

Work on the advertising image, copy, and targeting. You need to work out who you are trying to communicate to (your audience) and what advertisement you’re going to create to get that message to them.

If you’ve opted for creating a carousel advertisement go out and create 4 images that tell a story.

If you’ve opted for a single image advertisement then pick an image that will grab their attention and pay extra attention to the copywriting underneath it.

Lastly, step 3 go to the Power Editor in Facebook and create your campaign. Instructions are here for those who aren’t familiar with the Power Editor.

Once done, click submit and you're advertisement will go live!


Now that you’re done, there’s no time to celebrate.

Begin obsessing about the data coming through how your audience is engaging with your content.

Mix, match and split test new advertisements to improve and see how far you can push this platform.

My biggest tip for those in the fashion space is to create a captivating story around your brand and make sure it shines in your ad. Push users to a landing page where they can purchase the product direct, and if they don’t you can use retargeting to tag their computer and show them an ad for the product for around 15 to 30 days thereafter.   

Now is the time for the innovators to shine!

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