Adored by kids (and big kids) the world over, since setting up shop in 2009, Noodoll has fast established itself as a market leader in all things cuddly and cute.

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Growing up in Taiwan, Noodoll’s founder Yiying Wang lived and breathed cartoon characters, Manga, and comics. Her love for drawing and design eventually saw her undertake a Master of Arts at Central Saint Martins College in London, where the first iteration of her Noodoll characters came to life.

As part of her final MA project, Yiying created a range of characters made from rice and noodles that resided in fictional Noodle Town and Rice Town. Her talent was already clear: during her final MA show she got an offer to start a fashion brand based on her creations.

Noodoll business case study

Yiying worked with that fashion brand for five years before deciding to start her own company in 2009 to pursue her dream of creating characters and stories. Today, Noodoll produces a host of products featuring their happy Ricemonsters, including plush toys, stationery, and accessories.Noodoll business case study

From eCommerce amateur to aficionado

In the early days, Noodoll’s business model was based solely on trial and error.

I started Noodoll out of pure passion and naivety as a sole trader. Everything was basic, including my business knowledge. I remember the first thing I needed to learn was how to create an invoice when making a sale. I didn’t even know what an invoice was!

Yiying started off by tracking down a simple platform – PlanetSoho – that allowed her to create invoices for sales.

Years of persistence paid off and Noodoll started appearing in shops around the world, but a basic invoicing solution simply wasn’t cutting it. Yiying found herself spending too much time on admin, running out of stock, and finding it difficult to keep track of profits.

It was then that she realized she needed to invest in a system that could help her and her three team members run the business more efficiently from their studio.Noodoll case study

Enter QuickBooks Commerce

Yiying got to work researching a solution that would fulfill all of Noodoll’s needs, including managing a growing customer base, inventory, orders, and fulfillment processes. That’s how she discovered QuickBooks Commerce.

TradeGecko seemed really easy to understand and covered all areas we were looking for, so I jumped right on it.

Nowadays, Yiying and the team pull all their orders from WooCommerce to QuickBooks Commerce as well as manage wholesale orders via the platform – meaning all orders are accounted for in one system and inventory is clear. And because they trade in three currencies, QuickBooks Commerce’s multi-currency invoicing is especially useful.

For B2B selling, QuickBooks Commerce has also been transformative to Noodoll’s business model.

We took advantage of B2B selling very early on. It transformed our business; customers are able to place orders online, which saves us so much time instead of having to create orders manually.

Yiying and the team find QuickBooks Commerce easy to use and learn quickly; and when they do get stuck, they’ve found the support team to be efficient and helpful.

The investment in TradeGecko has saved time and helped me to gain a better understanding of my business; both of which are invaluable.

As far as Noodoll’s future is concerned, their mission is simple.

Our plan is to better ourselves all the time and be the best version of the business that we can be.



Find out more about Noodoll and their adorable Ricemonsters.

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