Paula’s Choice Singapore strive to deliver affordable, effective and informative skincare products to customers in the region.

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The skincare brand originated in the US 23 years ago but the distributorship came to Singapore 9 years ago. CEO, Jeremy Tan says that the motivation behind the brand is to deliver "affordable and quality skincare products" in the region.

With the rise of eCommerce and social media, consumers are drawn to product transparency. Paula’s Choice Singapore were able to leverage social media to benefit their customers not only with quality skin care products but with quality skincare advice and education as well.


However as their previous business processes were not optimized for the rise of eCommerce, Paula’s Choice Singapore made the switch to TradeGecko to facilitate a true omni-channel experience.

On the effect TradeGecko has had on their operations, Jeremy enthused;

TradeGecko has really impacted us by saving a lot time and helping us develop unique experiences for our customers

One of the most helpful features for their business model was the ability to move stock between multiple locations and keep track of stock levels and costs even when performing multiple transfers.

I would recommend TradeGecko to businesses that are attempting to sell both online and offline. I think they would benefit greatly from this technology because it helps them structure the way they think about their organization.

Another aspect that they appreciated was how easy the software was to use. With TradeGecko, onboarding new staff members took no longer than a week.

Watch the full case study below for more information on how TradeGecko has made managing an omnichannel business a whole lot easier for Paula’s Choice Singapore.


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