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I highly recommend (TradeGecko). You’ll find that it changes your life, especially if you run an online business. - Warrick Dainter, CEO.

The company as a group of guys who teamed up to start a business as an Original Equipment Manufacturer as well an Original Design Manufacturer (OEM & ODM). 

Initially, they sold their products that include racing drones and accompanying flying equipment solely to other businesses. However, as the demand for their drones increased, the company expanded to sell directly to consumers as well. 

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As their business grew they realized that a single order could very quickly grow into 400 orders and they had no easy way to see how much stock they were holding or if they could fulfil orders in time. After running into situations where customers were placing orders on out-of-stock items, UndergroundFPV turned to QuickBooks Commerce. 

With TradeGecko you end up with cost savings, a powerful platform and you get rid of the chaos in your B2B business because you suddenly have inventory management!

Watch the full case study below for more information on how QuickBooks Commerce has made stock management, fulfilling orders and purchasing a breeze for this eCommerce B2B and B2C business.

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