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Webinar: How to optimize sales & mitigate risks during peak sales periods

Peak sales periods will either make or break your business. How you prepare, manage, and optimize your business operations will be the differentiating factor in your future success or failure. We recently hosted a webinar that provided helpful tips so businesses can learn how to maximize sales opportunities and minimize the risks using simple and effective solutions.

Tanaya Sharma, who is TradeGecko’s Regional Sales Manager, discussed the peak sales holidays to focus on, the risks and challenges businesses need to be aware of, and how they should prepare for the peak sales periods.

Guest speaker Jeffrey Atizado, Joint Managing Director from SMB Consultants, discussed the evolution of cloud integration technology, how a business can optimize their sales using cloud technology, and the typical cloud adoption process.

Our other guest speaker Heidi Danos, who is a TradeGecko customer and the owner of Dirty Knees Soap Co. LLC, discussed some challenges her business has faced during the peak sales season and how she overcame them. She also discussed how Dirty Knees Soap Co. LLC prepares for the peak sales periods and how TradeGecko has enhanced her inventory and order management process.


Peak sales preparation is vital when wanting to maximizing sales. TradeGecko’s inventory and order management software will take all the stress out of seasonal sales periods by giving you visibility and effortless control over your stock, orders, and customers all in the one place. 

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