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Webinar: how to tell a brand story your customers will love

“And then, with one last bit of effort, he whispered the recipe for chocolate chip cookies that had been passed down by word-of-mouth, from generation to generation for decades in our family. They were his last words. I’ve been making and selling cookies ever since.” Now, that’s a compelling brand story.

How can you make the brand story for your small business stand out in the market, like the one above? No need to be quite so dramatic, all it takes in a little bit of storytelling and authenticity.

Our recent webinar on branding for small businesses: How to tell a brand story your customers will love gives you all the information you need to get started on making your customers love your brand as much as they love your product. Guest speaker Jess Van Den of Create & Thrive laid out all the factors for success.

Watch the full recording here:

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Commodity or Brand?

At minute 01:15, Jess begins the discussion on the difference between a commodity and a brand. The main difference is that the former is just a product while a brand is created when you put some meaning behind what you're selling and what you’re doing.

The importance of authenticity

A discussion on authenticity begins at minute 4:17, as Jess describes how important authenticity is when you’re telling your brand story. In this case, no faking it until you make it - customers will know.

3 story archetypes you can use

Your brand story should be original, but there is an overall narrative you can follow. Around minute 10:56, Jess starts to explain three archetypes you can use to connect with these customers who need you to be authentic and want to hear your story. 

5 tools you can use

Getting into the practical stuff at minute 21:09, Jess goes through five tools you can use to tell your story and how all these tools can work together to complement each other. She focuses on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, email and blogs.

With a Q&A session at the end, this webinar gives you all the tools you need to find your brand’s story, figure out how to best tell it, and use the best tools available to you to ensure all your customers know it - and if you do it right - love it.

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