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Webinar: using online marketing and advertising to grow your eCommerce business

As an eCommerce business owner, one of your biggest questions when it comes to expanding your business is probably: “How can I grow my business in a scalable and controlled way?” TradeGecko recently held a webinar that addressed precisely that topic. 

In the webinar titled: How to grow your eCommerce business from 6 to 7 figures in 2017, eCommerce marketing consultant Samuel Junghenn presented solutions to help eCommerce businesses grow and scale, through easy to implement strategies.

If you are ready to propel your eCommerce business beyond the start-up phase and into a seven-figure operation, this webinar is a great place to start. Listen to the full recording here and here are some of the strategies that were covered:

Using video in Facebook ads

Whether you have used Facebook in the past, you are using Facebook now, or you simply don’t think that advertising with them will work for your eCommerce business, you should look again. Through concise and accurate testing methods, your business can benefit from Samuel’s real life strategies for using video in Facebook ads.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the statistics show that video on Facebook has become much more engaging than text ads, making it the media of the moment. He announced back in the third quarter of 2015, that Facebook’s 500 million users were watching an astounding daily average of 8 billion video views. Should you need any further convincing that it is a rapidly expanding medium, consider that this figure was double the 4 Billion views reported 7 months previously!

As well as showing you how to accurately and effectively monitor the performance of your video ads, Samuel disproves the assumption that video advertising on Facebook requires specialist skills and expensive tools.

Key tools that will make your Facebook ads work

During the webinar, Samuel pointed listeners to a range of highly useful and relatively inexpensive tools that are designed to streamline your video ad creation, and improve your overall sales.

tools for better Facebook ads

The tools that he recommends are the very same tools that he uses to drive and manage thousands of website visitors a day on numerous eCommerce sites, they include:

  • Connecto which will automate and optimise your Facebook advertising
  • Gifmake is a simple to use but highly effective video ad creation tool
  • Optinmonster and Justuno are powerful lead generation and lead capture platforms that work in conjunction with your ad campaigns to re-market to your most interested customers
  • ActiveCampaign deals with a whole host of eCommerce functions from innovative email campaigns and automation of your marketing channels, to sales and CRM
  • LiveChat will ensure that your eCommerce marketing always presents a real human presence via 24/7 online chat facilities

Real life case study

Samuel ended the webinar with a detailed yet easy-to-follow case study of an Commerce website. He walked through a month-by-month analysis of how ROI can slowly improve within a few months. In fact, in this case study, the turnover and ROI increased to the point where manual inventory management had to be replaced with an automated system.

If you are serious using marketing and advertising to grow eCommerce business this year, visit our webinar page and listen to Samuel’s webinar in full. 


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