Getting your business off the ground can be a pretty daunting task! With so much to worry about, it’s easy to overlook important steps that will help you achieve success later on. That’s why we at TradeGecko created this business blueprint to help you stay on track! You can thank us later.


Step 1: Forget about the product

Wait, what? Isn’t the product the most important part of a business?

Not quite! No matter how cool or unique a product is, it won’t turn into a successful business unless it solves a problem. That’s why you should always start out by focussing on a problem your potential customers have, and how you can solve it. While you’re coming up with a solution, your product will pretty much invent itself.

Best of all? It’ll be something your customers need, not just something they want.

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Ok, so you’ve zeroed in on a problem? You know what product can solve it? Perfect, let’s move on to...

Step 2: Start building your brand

It’s a fatal mistake to leave brand-building until the last minute. Plenty of consumers today respond to the core values of a company as much as to the product itself. Plus, knowing what your brand stands for, and who it should appeal to, will make every decision down the line a lot easier.

Got your core values down pat? Able to tell a compelling story about your brand? Great, then it’s time for…


Step 3: Get down to business

Once you have a great product that’s supported by a strong brand, you’re ready to tackle the practical stuff: budgeting, production, distribution and marketing. But don’t get discouraged! These decisions will be easier than you think. Remember those core values you created? They’ll inform every choice you make from now on.

Is being environmentally friendly important to your company? That settles the question of whether to build your product out of plastic or renewable bamboo.

Is yours a prestigious, luxury brand? That will help you decide to distribute to fine boutiques instead of department stores.

If your business is able to solve a problem customers face, and is backed by a compelling brand, the rest of your plan will fall into place, taking you from zero to business hero!


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