Maximizing efficiencies is incredibly important for any business owner, but especially for those who are trading in multiple markets. Once you’re up and running, take control of your expanding business by managing all your operations on one platform.

Automation is a game-changer in supply chain management.

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QuickBooks Commerce is an enterprise inventory management system that enables end-to-end workflow automation:

  • Streamline selling across multiple channels
  • Automatically set and track revenue and expansion goals
  • Automate your purchasing and sales order workflows
  • Apply bulk actions for high-order volumes
  • Customize the storefront for each buyer

In a nutshell, you can automate and manage your inventory, sales orders, shipping, finances, logistics and more from a single dashboard – giving you the freedom and insights you need to work smarter and grow your business.

If you are a commerce merchant, be it eCommerce, wholesale or running a physical store, you know there are several aspects of your business processes that are repetitive and time-consuming but still vital to your daily operations.

What workflow automation does essentially, is elevate and enhance interactions with your supply chain processes, from your store to your warehouse.

For Automation specifically, it’s all about reducing three things with your operations; time, cost and resources. You can use it to create efficiency and shift the focus of your team to more high value tasks. Additionally, you can also use it to be agile with your strategy as a merchant.


QuickBooks Commerce's Automation allows you to easily try new workflows and test with new strategies quickly, really speeding up that optimization process. The tool is a visual rule builder that automates tasks in your sales order workflow with a foolproof 3 step process.

The 3 step process comprises of a trigger, a condition and an action. It can be set up with a few simple clicks and the best part is - you don’t need any coding knowledge to do it.

A really popular process created by many of our merchants is to automatically assign tags to high-value orders and send an email notification to a sales manager. You can also trigger a Slack notification when high-value orders come in.

These help keep your team on top of orders and also create a delightful experience for your customers, who will start to see more consistent communication and quicker turnaround times on their orders.tradegecko_connect_features_orders_v1_2x

Another process used by many of our merchants with expanding businesses is flexible order routing. Managing international sales and multiple warehouses globally can be really complex.

With Automation you can easily fulfill orders globally using advanced order routing.tradegecko_connect_features_warehouse_v1_2x

Route orders to warehouse locations that are closest to them. Your orders can also be routed to a fall back warehouse of your choice, if the warehouse closest to them is running low.

There are countless other ways to offload manual and repetitive tasks with Automation, so you can focus on growing your business.


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