DJI took the global land- and air-scape by storm in only a few years. Inspired by their success story, we have created this free supply chain process audit for you.

DJI, also known as Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co, was able to create an industry and hold a 70% market share due to a variety of factors. Other than seemingly creating the right product at the right time, a lot of credit is due to DJI’s supply chain processes and R&D.

Here's a few insights business owners can learn from DJI’s Story:

How committed are you to R&D?

Over a third of DJI’s employees work in their R&D department, and DJI has been able to consistently prototype and launch products that their customers eat up. The launch of the DJI Phantom put DJI - and drones in general - on the map for thousands of users.

It’s important to commit a portion of your time and resources to R&D, whether that means coming up with and building your own products, researching how to improve current products, or even researching which products your customers will love in general.

How well do you use customer feedback?

Much of DJI’s success is due to an in-depth understanding of what their customers want. Prior to DJI’s Phantom launch, the majority of drones had to be assembled and were often difficult to operate for beginners.

DJI made their Phantom ready to fly out of the box, and extremely easy for new people. This is why they’ve often been referred to as the “Apple of the drone world”.

  1. How is your business incorporating user feedback to develop and test new features in your products and services?

  2. How quickly can your business process user feedback into it’s production?

  3. Does your business build and support user communities to spur feedback?

How tight is your supply chain?

DJI has three factories in Shenzhen, China, all within a short drive from their headquarters. There’s something about being within such a short proximity that helps a company prototype, test, and launch companies extremely fast. DJI had an enormous first-mover advantage due to it’s tight supply chain.


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